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Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by gage0921, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. gage0921

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    Im alway skeptical when it comes to these type products for the fact that a moisturizer is supposed to be absorbed and a spf is to layer. ANyway.....Im currently using baxter supershape in the mornings when im going to be in the sun but it doesnt do to well on my oil parts. Curious if anyone has found one that is not to heavy but does have moisturizing capabilities.
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    You may wish to look at these products. . While I have not used these in particular, I have found everything I have purchased from them to be very good.
  3. Hello Sean,

    I have been using MaleFace Moisturizer with SPF15. Good stuff.

    I alternate with Neutrogena Razor Defense Shave Lotion with SPF20.

    Be aware, that the higher the SPF, normally, the less efficiency in moisturizing due to the difference in absorption.


  4. gage0921

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    Charles recomended maleface as a moisturizer in general.......Since im placing a order with him anyway maybe I should go that route. You dont find it leaving your face oily or filmy when out in the sun sweating.
  5. Sean,

    Sharps makes an oil free spf that gets great reviews on ME, also menscience has a very lightweight spf application
  6. gage0921

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    I read about sharps.........looks interesting...
  7. Sean,

    No film or greasy layer from MaleFace SPF15. I use regular MaleFace if I don't need the sunblock. Like I use regular Neutrogena Razor Defense Shave Lotion if I don't need sunblock in their SPF20 lotion. No reason to put extra stuff on the skin. I like to keep it simple.

    Note, that adding sunblock to a moisturizor can affect its efficacy, but I have not found this to be the case with MaleFace or Neutrogena. Charles may have to special order the SPF15 for you, unless he ordered a few extra when he got mind a few months back.

    And I always spritz on some QED hydrosol before applying the above products; adds to moisturizing and ease of application.

    Up the Road in Plano
  8. I second (or third) the Sharp's oil-free SPF. I use this along with their Skin Tuner as my aftershave. I have very oily skin and this stuff has really worked well for me.
  9. Sean,

    May I suggest you use any moisturizer you really like and consider using a dry mineral powder sunscreen to get your sun protection. Colorescience makes a clear powder SPF 30 in a retractable brush applicator, you can see a picture and read more about it on

  10. Sean----I would recommend a visit to She will make you a great product with your own scent. I am using her after shave balm and I highly recommend it. Good luck!:wink:

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