Mock Turtleneck Sweaters and Sport Coats

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What is Your Opinion of a Mock Turtleneck and Sport Coat

  1. Yes, looks great. This is a staple in my wardrobe

  2. It's OK, but dated and shows your age

  3. If you're Steve McQueen you can oull it off. Otherwise, no.

  4. Holy toolbag Batman, what a dork.

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  1. What is your opinion of the ubiquitous black/gray mock turtleneck worn with a sport coat? Further, should the sweater (fine silk or cashmire) be tucked in or left out?

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  2. Whoops, that should read "pull it off" in selection #3. I can't figure out how to edit the poll.
  3. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Odds are, Steve-o Mac was wearing a proper turtleneck sweater, rather than a "mock neck". Mock necks are toolbag central. Real turtlenecks are real cool.
  4. rickcharles606

    rickcharles606 Contributor

    I've never seen the need for a "mock" turtle neck, and have always chosen to wear a full turtle neck. As for wearing it with a sport coat, I've done it a few times, but I cannot remember how long it's been. Which basically means, it was years and years ago, lol. That being said, if you feel you can rock it...then rock it ;-)
  5. Easy answer. Don't wear a mock turtleneck or any turtleneck for that matter. Sorry guys.
  6. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    Holy toolbag Batman, what a dork.
  7. If you are tucking in your sweater you might as well go all out and tuck in the jacket too. Siskel and Ebert are wearing "V" neck sweaters and look good, doubtful if McQueen has on a mock turtleneck.
  8. rickcharles606

    rickcharles606 Contributor

    AHAHA...agreed, one should never tuck in their sweater, turtle neck or otherwise.

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