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  1. I received my Saddleback thin briefcase (large chestnut) on Thursday. There are cheaper ways to have the great leather smell permeate an office, but this thing is fantastic.

    I was torn between the classic briefcase and the thin briefcase, and opted to go with the thin. If I went with the classic, I would be looking for things to add to it that I really didn't need to carry because of the cavernous dimensions, and the thing would have ended up weighing more than my wife's purse!! :adoration: It has plenty of room for my work laptop, leather padfolio, cables, sunglasses case, notebooks, and the other junk I need at work. I've found the comfort zone with the strap adjustment after a couple of days, and am now working to break in the very thick leather.

    I knew when I ordered one of their small ID wallets last month, it could potentially be a very powerful gateway drug into Saddleback, and this is the result. It's part of my evolution in that I'm now 44 years old, and know I'm at the point in my life where I'm buying things that could very well outlive me assuming they receive the proper care (Lord knows I don't receive the proper care...).


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  2. Very nice. enjoy it!
  3. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    Very nice. Enjoy the purchase. Hopefully it doesn't slant forward like my classic briefcase
  4. Nope-not at all. This thing stands completely vertical (unless I have it's load unbalanced). Of course, that will change as the leather breaks in over time.
  5. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    thats exactly what mine did. I was told that it was normal as well once it started going it. Its a bit off putting that it no longer stands straight up. I do get a great deal of compliments though.
  6. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    I like it very much.
    I carry the large wallet (it's really big!) and the pad folio.
    You don't have to worry much about them falling apart.
    They are built to last!
  7. Gruder

    Gruder Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    A beaut!
  8. Beautiful...Glad to see them make a professional piece.
  9. johnniegold

    johnniegold Moderator Emeritus

    that is a beautiful bag. Enjoy it. Any chance of interior pics. (I know the website has it but I would like to see a different perspective). How do you think legal size files would fit in that bag. If they fit, I would rather have the thin bag than the oversized classic bag.

    This is very disturbing. I have been eyeballing the extra large classic briefcase. My current briefcase has the "lean-forward" as well but I didn't spend 600 bucks on it either.
  10. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    I think if I had to do it again, I would contemplate going with the high end one that Joel had reviewed in the briefcase battle. But then again, I'm not afraid to scratch the saddleback.
  11. True...Mitchell impressed me.
  12. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    I see they went with a new logo.
    Do they still send key chains with their products?
  13. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    As the owner of a "large" slim briefcase, and a lot of legal files, I'll confirm that they fit in just fine.

    I also own an "XL" regular briefcase ... and quite frankly, I prefer the slim. Here's why: the regular briefcase is essentially designed to be carried in an "A-frame" shape, with the front and back tapering from a wide base up to a narrower top; if you fill it as full as possible ... so that from the side the ends appear rectangular rather than triangular ... the handle is too far toward the back, and it does not hand straight up and down when carried by the handle. You either have to carry it with the buckle rubbing against your leg, or with the bottom rear seam digging into the side of your calf. The slim, on the other hand, is designed to always be a rectangle, and to hang vertically when carried, whether loaded or empty.

    On the "leaning forward" thing ... I use my slim a lot. I think because of the extra layer of leather on the back (to make an open exterior slim pocket), the back has more structural strength than the front; the front seams have collapsed a bit, and not the back, so I have to lean the front of the briefcase against something or else it'll fall over. I don't mind at all. I have yet to use my 'regular' enough for a good comment on how it will perform in this regard.

    One other note ... there is a lot of shiny metal hardware on these. Each end has five bright, shiny D-rings (three at the top and two at the bottom) and when you add in the big O-ring behind the handle, you end up with eleven "punk rocker piercings" on this baby. Now, two D-rings and the O-ring are needed for the backpack conversion, and two other D-rings are needed for the shoulder strap ... but I count six superfluous D-rings ... and when you toss those on top of all the "needed" ones ... it may be a bit much depending on personal preferences.

    (Personally, I bought the 'slim' as a cycling-commute briefcase, so I don't mind ... and actually NEED ... some of the rings for the backpack conversion. I almost look forward to cycling in the rain, so I can get to work on that patina. :innocent:)
  14. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    Making the briefcase into a backpack is really neat :)
  15. They make some great products. I am sure you will enjoy for decades to come
  16. I have the thin briefcase in black and absolutely love it. Small enough that it's not overbearing, but still big enough that it fits everything that I need to carry.

    Mine did also ship with a free key ring. Very nice touch.
  17. Johnniegold asked for interior pics of the bag. Reminder--this is the Large Thin Briefcase and is 17" wide. I've attached 3 pictures--one taken from each side and one with more detail of the interior pocket/keystrap side. I included my laptop and padfolio for reference. The laptop is 13" long x 1.25" thick, and the padfolio is 12.5" long x 1" thick. The front section has a couple of black items that really don't show up well (cable bag and sunglass case). The interior pocket has a small first aid kit, mini Moleskine Volant, lip balm, ear plugs, small sticky notes, business cards, and a few other items. I've got a total of 5 pens, mech pencils, and a highlighter in the side pen pockets. There is plenty of room on either side of the laptop/padfolio, or a lot if I slide them to one side or the other. I can also easily stand both the laptop and padfolio on end should I need to, and there is also much more room in the front section should I need to carry additional items.

    I hope this serves your needs. One of the other things I feel these pics show is the detail of the bags and seams, along with the strength of the stress points on the bag.

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  18. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    That looks like a great setup
  19. Wow - that's the thin? I'd never be able to fill the regular size.
  20. It may not be the bag for many people that like a pocket or slot for everything to ride in their own specific place for organization purposes, but I'm not that guy anyway...

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