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  1. I am just curious what a Mint - Near Mint Rolls razor would sell for right now? If I am right mint means the original box with instructions and everything that came with it in un-used condition.

    Can some one give me a price on what this would run at the moment?

  2. $55 maybe?
  3. $55.00 would be a realistic price....but a complete minty set with all papers went for $193.00 on the Bay recently:001_huh:
  4. Picked up a Rolls in really good shape, save for a scrapped leather strop, for 20 USD. Shop around, be aggressive.
  5. I have a few minty possibly nos ones....never paid more than $35 or so. But on the bay one never knows! :)

  6. wow. i had no idea they were going for that much these days.
  7. I've bought a couple in the past very good condition on ebay. One for $20, one for $25. Maybe I got lucky or maybe there is more interest now and there is less complete sets to go around?
  8. The Rolls has to be the #1 gadget shaving outfit....people losing in the frenzy for cased Gillettes will see the Rolls and turn up the bidding...glad I have a few sets in stock already:thumbup1:
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    The question is also: "what is a Rolls worth?"
  10. What ever people are willing to pay, unfortunately.
  11. i hae a few. i have payed about 25 for each of mine. both with instructions, original price tag. pretty great near mint. not mint but close. ive seen some antique stores asking anywhere from 50-80 and they are not even close to how nice mine is.
  12. I appreciate everyones opinion and input on this. The reason I ask is because I have what seems to be a mint Rolls Razor from England coming in and I just would like to know the actual price it is worth. I think I got a deal on it but you just never know. I will post pics once it is in and then we can have a collective group appraisal on what it is worth. I never bought a rolls before since most have cracked hones or beat up strops. This one looks really nice :thumbup1:
  13. I hope it's a beauty! They are fun to shave with. Keep in mind what it's worth and what it will sell for are often quite different! :) As mentioned above, some minty ones can be had for $20+ and less than minty ones sell for $'s a crazy world!:tongue_sm If yours doesn't have the original instructions shoot me a PM and I'll scan a copy for you.
  14. Yea it is a crazy world out there and I dont totally know the pricing of razors just yet (how much certain ones are worth), since ebay is so crazy lol! I cant wait to receive it in! I think it does have instructions but if not that would be great to get a copy of them :thumbup1:
  15. Just some more comparison points, FWIW. As a naive newbie, willing to believe that these were worth a lot, I found one at local antique shop that was in general very minty and shiny, original box and papers, $35. I noticed that the hone was cracked, though, and passed. Picked up one for $17 shipped on eBay, but when I got it, it looked like the edge of the blade had some waviness, not just a simple hone job, and there's some rust on the handle. Got another for $25 shipped, much better condition although hardly mint. Came with original box and papers, and a second blade in a plastic case. I now think I overpaid for that too, but live and learn. Anyway, I've got mine now, and at some point may actually shave with one.
  16. I have 8 of them but need to get down to learning to hone mine. Like others, when I started this RAD I bought a Rolls and got burned in the process. Smehow the seller had failed to mention the corrosion on the case and the blade was strategically located over the crack in the hone. Learned from that one. The others are all good to go as I was able to buy some strops from Redtrader a few years ago and wish I had bought his entire stock before he ran out.

    These and Wilkinson 7-day sets fascinate me and my father even had a Rolls in the 50s when I was a kid. Just gotta get some of the blades shave ready!
  17. I don't have much experience, but for what I've seen in the u.k. bay prices are not too bad. Usually they go from 15 to 30 pounds for a complete set (it depends which set also)

    Last year I bought a near mint n°2 set (my only catch in the wild) with 4 unused blades, the only thing missing was the instructions. All this for 13 pounds, I saw the same set in similar condition go for 15 on the bay.

    As said above, I think they're understimated
  18. Was the Rolls Razor made in stainless steel? If not, it would seem that like a straight razor not made of stainless steel it would require considerable care and that concerns me because it would bother me if I ruined a fine shaving instrument.
  19. All the ones I've seen have blades of genuine rustable carbon steel.
  20. The Rolls finally arrived :thumbup: I feel that I have made a great purchase. The only downfall of everything is that there is a slight indentation on the "strop". It seems that it was sitting so long and the handle made a indentation. Is this going to ruin the whole set or can this be fixed? Other than that I feel it is in Mint condition. I am open to any opinions good or bad so please feel free to add in on this.

    The model is: Imperial No. 2
    Serial Number: A576294

    Here are the pics!

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