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  1. Anyone give me some recommendations on what the mildest razor around is (vintage or new)? I am currently using either a Gillette Tech or a Weber DLC ( and occasionally a straight blade). I have very sensitive skin and was curious about branching out and trying something new and milder. Thanks in advance.

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    Techs are considered a mild razor. Try a Gillette Blue Tip Super Speed.
  3. Thanks. Will give one a try.
  4. I've heard injector razors give a nice mild shave. I just acquired two relatively modern (80's) Schick injectors but have yet to try them, gonna get blades today.
  5. Is there a good source for blades for them? That was also my issue with going that route.
  6. My local BI-Mart carries them and maybe other places do too, if not they are for sale online
  7. You might consider an adjustable razor like a Slim or FatBoy on a low setting.
  8. +1 Almost forgot because I always use a higher setting but the 1 on my super adjustable is indeed mild
  9. About the mildest DE razors you will find are Feather AS-D1 or Gillette Super Adjustable (set to #1)

    You can pick up injector blades at many of the smaller pharmacy in your area. The big box ones don't carry injector blades but the mom and pop ones all seem to have the Schick blades.

    you can find the Schick blades online just about everywhere from amazon to You can get GEM PTFE coated injector blades in 100 count at many surgical supply houses (online).


  10. Thanks for the info guys. I think I am going to try a blue tip, but am going to keep the Super Adjustable and Injectors in mind. I think the Feather is out due to the price tag... $179 is out of my budget right now. But its nice looking.
  11. Nothing beats the Feather AS-D1! It is virtually impossible to cut yourself even applying pressure!
  12. I'll second the Super Adjustable. When I use mine I'm up around 7. At 1 it is VERY mild.
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    The Edwin Jagger DE89 is also pretty mild.
  14. I second the EJ De89. I'm only on my third week of DE wet shaving, and after reviews her on this forum, I started my journey with the EJ. It's been good to my cuts or nicks. Just take it slow and easy and know the direction of your hair growth. My next razor is going to be a gillette slim...probably start it at 3 to see how it compares to the EJ.
  15. Just had my first shave with an injector. I used a shick crown long handle and shick blades PIFed by WAVENS. I enjoyed the shave, a two pass nearly BBS shave, mild and quick. I would also recommend a 40's Style SS. I recently let a friend borrow mine and some blades to try and he asked me Friday night how much I would take for it, long story short, I sold it and won another on that auction site last night! I only used it 4 times before loaning it and had to replace it!

    Good luck!!!
  16. Maybe after the Blue Tip I'll try an Schick. Any specific injector to start with?
  17. Ok I hear that the feather is mild ( I love my gillette techs). So how does the feather preform. Does it do the job in a 2-3 pass? Or do I have to keep going over the rough spots until smooth? For some reason I would rather buy a feather than spend that money on ebay for that classic "vintage gillette". However I am in no hurry to ownone. I have razors I haven't even tried yet.
  18. These are the 2 that I was thinking.
  19. Mildest is hands down the Weishi. The Wilkinson Sword Classic/Treet Platinum razor is too. Also look at a 40's Superspeed.
  20. slim on 1

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