Mike's Natural Soaps - an early review

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  1. There's a new hobbyist soap-maker on B&B. Mike from http://www.mikesnaturalsoaps.com/Mikes_Natural_Soaps/Welcome.html.

    The description of his soaps (main ingredient: tallow, with lanolin and other good stuff present) made me want to try them out, so I ordered a couple last week. They arrived on the weekend, and I've used them a grand total of twice..................so take this review with a grain of salt. :001_smile

    The ones I ordered were - Lavandin and Eucalyptus, and Barbershop. He also sent me a generous sample of the Rose and Cedarwood.

    The soaps were packaged nicely, like most artisan soaps are. They're rough-cut, and are rectangular, so you'll need an appropriate container for them.

    Like most artisan soaps, the first thing you notice when you get the package and open it is the scent. Mike has done a good job with the proportions, and they're not overwhelming (I have a very sensitive sense of smell, and too much scent is an issue for me).

    The Barbeshop fragrance is really nice - makes me feel good, but I can't really describe it, so I'll leave that to the experts. The Lavandin and Eucalyptus smells like Eucalyptus when you sniff it, but I haven't used it yet. Other notes may turn up when I use it. The Rose and Cedarwood also smelt like rose mainly. All the fragrances were lovely, but the Barbershop really called to me, and I stuck it in a container, ready for use.

    The soaps feel slick, even when they're not wet. I used a vintage Plisson (shaken dry) to pick up the soap, and then I built the lather in a bowl. It was easy, and the lather quality reminded me of what I get from Tabac. It was thick, creamy, and easy to build. It felt great on my face, and the razors seemed to like it too. I don't soak my soaps, and the bar is on the hard side, so you'd need a brush with some backbone if you lather the way I do, but it was easy to pick up enough product for a 3+ pass shave.

    I was very impressed with the performance. My skin liked the soap too - it did seem to keep my skin hydrated and supple. The thinig that really stuck out was the scent - I really love it! I kept doing more 'touch-ups' just so I could smell it on my face a little longer.

    Once it was rinsed off, the residual scent was minimal, and didn't clash with my after-shave.

    All-in-all, a couple of very nice shaves. It's early days yet, but it seems like this is a winner.


    Price: $8 each - on par with other artisan soaps. Shipping is very reasonable.
    Fragrance: A big thumbs-up from me for all of them, especially the Barbershop
    Slickness: It doesn't get slicker than this
    Thickness of lather: As good as anything I've used
    Skin reaction: No adverse effects of the fragrances used, and my skin liked the other components.
    Post-shave: Skin stayed supple, and there was minimal lingering fragrance.
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  2. thanks for the review.

    Can you post the ingredients list?
  3. Sure, here you go:

    Distilled water; saponified tallow and stearic acid; vegetable glycerin; saponified kokum butter, avocado oil, and shea butter; lanolin, fragrance and/or essential oil(s); saponified coconut oil; kaolin clay, vitamin E.
  4. moz68

    moz68 Contributor

    Thanks for the review Yohann. I have a bar of the Barber shop on it's way. I can't wait to give it a whirl myself.
  5. Subscribed.

    Thanks for the review; will follow with interest.
  6. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

    I don't want to gush too much, because I've only used it a couple of times - and we all know about the 'New Broom' effect, but I think these soaps are certainly worth a try at least. I've been looking for a nice tallow-based soap since PC started having issues. This fits the bill.
  7. Off topic, but have you given Queen Charlotte Shave a go? Really awesome tallow hard soap and soft soaps there.
  8. rearviewmirror

    rearviewmirror Moderator Emeritus

    My bar of the Rose & Cedarwood should be here tomorrow. I'm looking forward to trying it. I like that the shipping cost isn't nearly as much as a full bar of soap!
  9. Nope, I've been meaning to try 'em but was waiting for a few items in the den to get used up. Mike's post in the hobbyist forum came up just as I had room for more soaps. A matter of good timing.

    QCS will have to wait until I'm done with my AlRaz's Bodega cream. :lol: About the only AD's I don't have are soaps/creams and AS - so I'm pretty good at keeping those items down in number.

    Thanks for mentioning them to me, though. It reinforces my desire to try the QCS soaps out.

  10. Yeah, me too. It is nice that it was under $4 for two bars.
  11. You're welcome. I seriously doubt that you'll be disappointed. FWIW, I give a slight nod to their soft soaps (think "cella-like") in terms of slickness. But, both are great products and Matthew is a real pleasure to deal with.
  12. Well if he wasnt out or stock of all scents i woulda ordered some. But I think I'm Gunna order unscented for now to uber lather
  13. Pictures? :biggrin1:
  14. SmoovD

    SmoovD Contributor

    Nice report. I have an order for the Barber Shop and the Rose/Cedarwood. Looking forward to getting them in the next few days.
  15. Pics, of the lather? I don't have any of those, but you can imagine a nice thick lather, and that will give you an idea of what it's like.

    Used it again today, with a Shavemac extreme flattop. Same great results.

    However, I need to get back to using up the AlRaz Bodega, so I'll have to return to this soap in a few weeks. :(

    Must maintain usage discipline. :lol:
  16. moz68

    moz68 Contributor

    Received my Barber shop yesterday and shaved with it this morning. It's everything Yohann described. I really enjoyed my shave with it this morning and look forward to shaving with it tomorrow. The scent is very pleasing and not over powering.

    Mike has really got himself a great Shave soap going here.
  17. Hi All,

    I’m very glad to see that you guys are enjoying the soap. I thank you all for your kind words.

    I also wanted just to let you know that I am in the process of making new batches. They will all be available on my website some time next week.

    Last, here is a link to my original thread in the Hobbyist/Vendor classifieds: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/276589-Introducing-Mike-s-Natural-Soaps?highlight=. I'll be posting updates in this forum regularly.

  18. Great review, I'm gonna give Mike's soaps a try when they are back in stock.
  19. Quite interested myself as well.
  20. Nice sounding review. Have you used MWF? Can you compare/contrast?

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