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  1. I received my order of Mike's Natural Soap with the Lime Fragrance yesterday. My order came in a very nice Tin container that works great for lathering and it also seals very tight when you place the lid back on. This is a handmade soap that many are very familiar with it contains Tallow, Lanolin, Kokum Butter, and the Lime fragrance comes from Essential Oils. The fragrance I felt could be quite a bit stronger as I have to place my nose pretty much touching the soap to get any hint of the Lime fragrance. Just to be sure it was not me I have let several others try their sense of smell and pretty much all (7 different people 2 were family members) could barely smell any fragrance. All had to ask me what the Fragrance was and only after I had given the answer were they then able to detect the Lime fragrance in the soap. The soap lather is a good stable lather that allows the blade to glide easily over the whiskers of my face. The lather was not as rich and thick as I normally like and I need to use the soap several more times to determine if this issue can be adjusted. This soap does have moisturizing properties, but I could not indicate any benefits to my facial skin on this one shave. It also should be stated that I had the exact same experience with the RazoRock King Louie with Lanolin in terms of moisturizing benefits. QCS, Palmolive Shave Stick and the La Toja Shave Stick were three soaps that I could easily detect the moisturizing benefits right after my first shave with each. I will continue to shave with Mike's Natural Soap for the next several shaves ( 2 weeks) before I really make a judgement.
  2. Hmm. I'm shocked by this. I have 4 scents of Mike's in my bathroom and all of them have very nice, powerful scents. The mildest is definitely the Lavandin-Eucalyptus, but it is noticeable enough that when I open my kit, it smells of a very nice mix of it and La Toja (which I love the smell of).
    As for performance, it's quite possibly the most nourishing soap I've used, followed by MWF, Cade and then La Toja.
    Keep working it for a bit, as you said, because once you unlock its full potential, you'll wonder if you'll ever buy another big name soap.
  3. I have the lime and it is very strong

    I could smell it through the box that it came in
  4. I have the Barbershop, I would agree...not the strongest smell.
  5. I just received my Lime yesterday, and like you mine has a weak scent. It seems the tallow scent overpowers the lime. The sample of rose / cedar definitely has a stronger scent, but I haven't tried it yet.

    It lathers good, but not as well as my Cella. My technique may need to be adjusted for this soap, so that may be the difference.
  6. Interesting. Was thinking about getting the lime when it comes back in stock next week. Perhaps there was a manufacturing glitch? My samples from Mike are all quite strong, but not overpowering.
  7. I have a tin of the lime on the way that I hope will show up tomorrow. When it does, I'll report back.
  8. I was also sent a sample of the Barber shop shave soap and I too agree that the scent is just very weak on both of these soaps and I let others smell both the Lime and the Barber Shop they agree too. I can only compare the Lime Fragrance to the QCS Sample of Key Lime that I had received and I will say you had no problem detecting the Key Lime fragrance from QCS.
  9. Artisan maker -> variations in batches -> part of the appeal.
  10. Hi Guys. Sometimes EOs and fragrance oils evaporate from the surface of soap. Give it a few tries and see if the scent gets any stronger. If, after that, it's still not satisfactory, contact me and I'll replace it with another tin or give you a refund, whichever you prefer.
  11. Ummm, Mike...my ummm...soap is also broken...too. Ummm, yes, it is....
  12. This is highly debatable...

    Are you implying that the OP is lying?
  13. Nope, jokingly trying to get a free soap.
    No need to get our backs up.
  14. Hey Mike your above response speaks volumes as to the service and quality of product you want and provide to us the customer. I do want to work with this soap for a few more times and if I still feel the fragrance is lacking I will let you know. I will keep this thread updated on my use of this soap, but my next shave will probably be no earlier than Sunday.
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    I'm surprised, I've been using my lime for a few weeks and it is a very strong scent. It has become my favorite soap
  16. I have not yet tried these soaps, but after reading the reply above from the proprietor, you bet I will be placing an order soon.
  17. I have 4 different scents from Mike's Natural and I would say that they are all "medium" strength scents. Curious that you are having a hard time smelling the lime. Of course, variations are part of the appeal of an artisan soap, and I just went and smelled my lime again...and the lime is very pronounced. Interesting.

    FWIW, Mike's and QCS are my favorite artisan soaps. Mystic Water is also very good.
  18. I find my Orange to be medium strength as well, which is absolutely fine with me. I actually don't prefer strong scents as I have sensitive skin.
  19. My Lime took about 3-4 uses before the scent opened up. At first I thought it was nice but subtle, then used it yesterday and WOW, what a difference!
  20. One lady that I had test the fragrance made a great point about ranking the strength of fragrance. She stated that you hold the container at the center or middle of your sternum. When you open the container a strong fragrance would be detected without having to tilt your head and nose forward towards the container and you should be able to easily describe basic fragrances such as Lime, Orange, Vanilla, and Apple. Medium strength would be you tilt your head and nose down towards the fragrance (chin touching chest and no more) you are then able to detect the fragrance and describe simple fragrances. When you tilt your head and nose back to normal position (chin no longer touching chest) you might be able to detect a simple fragrance as mentioned above, but it becomes difficult to describe without placing your chin to chest. Faint or low strength of fragrance would be chin is touching chest, when the container is open you detect a small hint of fragrance, but it quickly dissipates and can not be detected again nor can a description of that fragrance be given. No fragrance is just as it is stated there is no detection at all. I agree with Mike that EO can evaporate from the surface so hopefully the fragrance gets stronger as it is used more. What is very important is the great response that Mike had to me and a few others concerned with this issue. His willingness to replace or refund just shows what an outstanding Vendor and the quality of the product he creates. If we as customers are able to create a measurable baseline for the strength of Fragrance in terms of what is low, medium, and strong then provide this to our vendors this would be of great benefits to them and us. For those that prefer a strong fragrance then we would have something to measure that by without it being as subjective as it is now. Of course a request for a strong fragrance might have a cost increase to us the consumer, but just as I paid a little more to have make soap in a tin container that is an understandable cost. I will continue to use the soap and keep you updated to the outcome.
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