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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by michiganlover, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. So recently, I traded this NOS Wrisley (re-branded Yardley) set:



    For this restored (shave ready) Le Grelot 5/8 with a French Point. I also got a nice starter Strop in the deal:


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  2. I will have my first complete straight shave ever with it tomorrow morning.

    Although, I was playing around with it a bit tonight, I didn't have a full day's growth, so I wouldn't call it a complete shave.

    After toying around with it a bit this evening, I have to say that Straights are not nearly as scary as I imagined them to be. :thumbup:

    So I am totally open to any advice you can give me, as I become a newbie once again. :tongue_sm:biggrin1:
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  3. Mr. Scruffy

    Mr. Scruffy Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Learn to shave using both hands.
  4. It's funny you should mention that....I am left handed, it fells very odd to hold the straight in my right hand. My natural tendency would be to shave both sides of my face left handed, since my left hand is so dominant. :blush:
  5. JPM


    Congrats! I find straight saving very satisfying, and have recently parted with most of my DE's. I second shaving with both hands. Longer learning curve but it is worth it.
  6. Mr. Scruffy

    Mr. Scruffy Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    What was funny for me was that I was getting a better, closer and more comfortable shave with my non-dominant (left) hand. :huh:

    I think it was because I was reluctant/unable to use (too much) pressure with my weaker hand.
  7. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    I use both hands... am dominate Right and can do little with my left except shave. Learned straight shaving at 14, and my granddad forced me to use both hands... when I went back to straights a few months ago it all came back naturally
  8. I dig that str8 man. :thumbup1:
  9. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    That's a good straight!!
  10. Nice str8 and setup! Good luck and post results...as one Newb to another...we're in this adventure together brother!

    (I've got that same soap....AWESOME lather once you let the puck soak for awhile)
  11. I am getting some serious straight razor fever lately. It will have to wait, but until I can get my own setup I will live vicariously through the rest of you guys. Keep the posts and pictures coming! Very nice razor sir!
  12. 1st Straight Shave/ Saturday March 27th 2010

    -Restored Le Grelot w/ custom scales
    -Penworks 22mm Finest Badger
    -Penhaligon's Endymion Shaving Cream (sample)
    -C.O. Bigelow Exlir Green ASB

    So overall my fist straight shave went extremely well. I decided to go all out, and shave my entire face. The shave certainly wasn't close, but I didn't inflict any major damage to my face, so I will call it a huge success. I got some minor cuts on my chin, and neck area.

    For anyone considering a straight, they are nowhere near as fearful as I would have thought. Handle them with care, and you too can have a good 1st experience.

  13. It sounds like you need to use Williams.:lol:

    Have fun!
  14. I have some vintage Williams Tonsorial that I have yet to try out. I could use that with tomorrows shave. :biggrin1: :thumbup1:

    I wouldn't touch the modern crapified Williams with a 1,000,000 foot long pole.
  15. Fellas!!!! We hooked another one!

    Straight razor shaving simply is satisfying.
  16. Congrats!
  17. Moe


    Congratulations, John. That's an beautiful razor, very bright and upbeat. Your wetshaver mantra is even more influential and important here. But what you need to add to it for straight shaving is the importance of stretching the skin and stropping the razor sufficiently and correctly.

    At the suggestion of LarryAndro, and motivated by Joel's one pass video, I've stepped back from doing XTG and a little ATG, to concentrating on consistently getting the best possible WTG shave. Yes, I can get a closer shave XTG and ATG, but those shaves are smoother and less irritating when the WTG pass is better. So at this point, I'm happy as long as there's no significantly visible 5 o'clock shadow at 5:00PM. Sometimes that means a second WTG pass to pick up those spots where I didn't stretch enough or have the angle the best.

    Oh yeah, +1 on the mirrored, both handed shaving. As poorly coordinated as I am on the left hand side, it works out pretty well for shaving.

    Good luck,
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  18. I know, I'm just poking fun at ya.

    I know by reading your past posts that you are, shall we say, less than satisfied with Williams?:laugh:

    Good luck on the new shaving adventure.
  19. JPM


    Congrats! It is addictive.
  20. I was well aware you were just having some fun, which is why I responded with the post about the vintage Williams. I am indeed going to shave with vintage Williams for tomorrows straight razor shave. :w00t::w00t:

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