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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by jbc, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. jbc


    Disregarding the blades which do you think makes a better shaver? I have one Merkur at the moment and will shortly acquire a second. Perhaps I should have at least one Gillette in my den.
  2. hmmm... for me at least, it depends on the specific gillette .

    Gillette SS least agressive for me. More agressive = Merkur Classic, followed by Gillette slim Adjustble. YMMV.

    EDIT: As far as my "go to" razor, I'm torn between the Merkur and the Slim.
  3. mark the shoeshine boy

    mark the shoeshine boy Moderator Emeritus

    :blink: techniques is the key to all of them for me....

    SS surprises me sometimes how something so light does so well....

    the merkur hd, futur and vision...can all deliver a great bbs shave, but i have to adjust my technique with each of them....

    as a side note....if you get a vision, you may have to dial it down by taking it apart and turning down the inside adjustment screw or the first setting may be way too aggressive for you...

    i believe that they are all good....and variety is a wonderful thing...

    mark the shoeshine boy
  4. JBC. I agree..I bought a FatBoy on EBay for about $25. THis is one great razor. Would like to get a 40's to 50's Superspeed but checkout out this prcie from an auction that ended yesterday.

    I think I will stay with my Fat Boy. Good Luck:biggrin:
  5. jbc


    My working theroy at this point is each razor has its own unique touch. Which instrument I pick up each day depends on what I need that day. Am I worng?
  6. I'll take Merkurs exclusively. I've got an HD, an LH, and a Slant and rotate them all. I just couldn't get a Gillette Fatboy or Superspeed to do me any good. I know I'm in the minority with this opinion, but I love me some Merkur razors. Just not the blades. :frown:
  7. I'm desperately in love with Merkur :001_wub: , but since I don't have any Gillettes (yet) I can't make the comparison.
    I refuse to use e-bay as I want to find old DE's myself in some dusty antiques shop. Will start to look for them soon.
  8. Taz


    IMHO Vintage Gillette's Hands Down:thumbup:
  9. jbc


    Is more agressive necessarily better?
  10. Taz


    It is all personal preference. I have razors on both ends of the spectrum. It is normally easier to shave with a less aggressive razor but would take more passes to get BBS. It is all what you like and for me at least what am I in the mood for.
  11. jbc


    Ah, got it I am learning so much on these forums. Tanx
  12. htownmmm

    htownmmm Moderator Emeritus

    That's part of it; also, how do you feel that day; which soap or cream you are planning on using and what gear did you shave with last are all things that help influence my next choice. As I have not shaved with my VISION lately, guess which razor is up next? :wink:

  13. Hi;

    The razor I have been using most for the last week or so is a Merkur Progress with the modified adjustment knob made by one of the forum members. This is a real Hummer of a razor now; the stainless steel knob added a little more weight to the razor and improved the balance tremendously. Now it takes only enough pressure to keep it in contact with the skin and guide it around the face. I though it might be a little pricey, but compared to the Rocket in the above post, it is cheap. Otherwise the Gillette HD Adjustable and an EJ with a long handle are my go to razors.

  14. I bought the merkur HD. I don't feel comfortable buying used razors, but everyone here seems to have the old gillettes. I guess if they are autoclaved they would be safe.
  15. I have a Merkur Classic. If I had to have just 1 Gillette, it would probably be the Fat Boy, followed closely by the Slim Adjustable.:rolleyes:
  16. I've got a new Merkur "1904" and a 1954 SuperSpeed. I absolutely love the SS. The Merkur is too aggressive for me. I can use the same blade with both razors and I'll get massive razor burn with the Merkur, while the SS is comfort personified. And I paid much more for the Merkur! A big newbie mistake for me. I'll probably end up getting rid of the Merkur on ebay, or maybe trade with someone here.
  17. Taz


    I do not know how long you have been DE shaving but do not jump to conclusions it might be how your using it every razor is a little different on how you approach it. I have never used the 1904 but I will tell you I have the SS and it is a very easy shave. So you might just need to work with your technique. I thought that same thing more then once. Good Luck
  18. I still recommend the 40's SS to new wetshavers. After trying nearly all the Gillettes I could get my hands on, and the Merkur HD, the 40's SS remains the razor with which it seems hardest to make a mistake.

  19. Taz


    Agreed my 47 SS I do not think you can knick yourself with :biggrin: but even the 50's except for the Red Tip are fairly easy on the face.
  20. I never really considered buying a vintage razor.

    The way I look at it, I wanted to start with something new, and at the same time support a company that's "still in the game"

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