Merkur vs. Edwin Jagger vs. Muhle

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  1. I've searched reviews and somewhat in forums for comparisons between these three brands. I think for a time EJ used Merkur heads (someone feel free to correct me). Maybe that is still the case. Reviews across these brands seem quite positive.

    EJ has a model number 89, Muhle has a model number 89, and I think Merkur's 38 might be a functional equivalent of the EJ and Muhle 89s.

    So, has anyone compared these three? EJ and Muhle cost about the same, while Muhle might be somewhat more, $61 from one source.

    So, how do these compare functionally? And might there be quality reasons why Muhle commands a premium price?

    I hope I've lined up model numbers appropriately, apples to apples. All comments appreciated.

  2. The EJ 8x models all have Mühle heads, so functionally they are the same as the Mühle except for the relatively minor differences among the handles. I'm not sure why the Mühle razors cost twice as much. The fit and finish on both brands are excellent.

    I should add that EJ and Mühle handles are interchangeable. I have the EJ DE87 and the Mühle R41 open comb, and by swapping the handles I get a Mühle R89 and an EJ open comb frankenrazor.

    I don't own any Merkur razors so I can't speak to them.
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  3. Given the franken-mod possibility, is it alright to swap the Merkur Handles with the EJ/Muhle?

    This would make a nice heavy handle, i guess.
  4. Sure, you can swap handles between and among most 3-piece razors: EJ 86/87/89, Muhle 89, Merkur 23, 33, and 42 (at least), Gillette Tech, Gillette New, and probably others. They all seem to have the same 10/32 thread.

    The Merkur 34 and 38 are 2-piece razors, and their handles are in general *not* interchangeable with other brands.
  5. I once owned a 38C and I currently own and use a DE 89L. The 38 head is a very different head from the 89. The EJ head is made by Muhle. Here's a comparison that I wrote up some time ago between the 38C and the DE89L. Hopefully you will find it helpful.
  6. where is the comparison ?
  7. The 38C is a heavier razor, and has better knurling on the handle.
  8. I think the Merkur is a little more aggressive than the EJ and the Muhle (which are the same company). But this is based solely on my own observation, and who knows, I may be a crazy person?:tongue_sm
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  9. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I think the comparison link didn't make it into the above post. I would very much like to see what Foyle's written.

    Further, knowing that EJ uses Muhle heads is interesting. I do like the Muhle handle design, but the head is the business end. Muhle handles look very nice, though.


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