Merkur Slant- This thing is a beast

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by RailroadMan, May 23, 2012.

  1. Got a Merkur 37C the other day because I was very interested in the slant style. After 3 shaves with a Personna Super USA (Lab, I believe), I have to say that this is an easy to use aggressive whisker whacker. However, it leaves very little irritation. With the head shape, it is hard to mess up the angle, and it is fun to use.
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    The 37c (and 39c) are great razors indeed. Very easy and natural to use.
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    It sounds as if you have tamed the beast! Enjoy the shaves.
  4. Glad that the Merkur 37c slant worked 4 ya. If able... can U post a pic?

  5. I couldn't agree more. I have the 37c and 39c [it's a tie}. Just sent my son a 37c{it was cheaper than the 39c}. I think of these as "nonaggressive" aggressive razors.

  6. Yea there is nothing aggressive about these razors. Well its aggressive in terms of how easily it mows the hair down.
  7. The 37c and 39c are both great razors.

    I could not make up my mind which one to get so I asked myself.... "self, what would the fellas at B&B do"?

    So.. I just got em both. One of my better decisions (seeing as it was a non decision)

  8. That's how I felt. Very smooth, but shreds beard.
  9. Same here great razors i have a 37g and 39c. I do prefer the shorter handle.
  10. Slants - oh yeah!!
  11. I agree about slants. Be it Hoffritz, DRGM, Pimco their styles lends itself to a great shave.
  12. I am a huge fan of the 39c. One of the best investments I ever made.
  13. Hands down best razor I have is the 37C. Close shave with no irritation even from the first shave.

  14. I bought a 37G a while ago and just got around to using it this week. I've been using it all week and have gotten some awesome shaves. BBS each time, although the first shave I had some irritation on my lower neck. I have it dialed in now though. I don't feel any stubble until over 10 hours later either.

    This razor is a keeper and may have dethroned my long comb NEW as my favorite razor so far.
  15. I love the 39c. Hands down, the best razor I own.
  16. Slants are efficient!
  17. That is REALLY well said. I usually refer to it as an efficient razor, since it cuts the hair very well with little to no irritation. Those factors to me put it in a class of it's own design-wise.
  18. The 37C has become my favorite razor as well. I feel guilty that I haven't used any other razor in so long, but the slant just so great to use!
  19. Hi gents, I just ordered a 37C from Phil at BullGoose...:clap:
  20. I bought a 39C on BST and it quickly became my go-to razor.

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