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  1. I'm going to get myself a Merkur adjustable for Christmas. I had pretty much decided on a Progress, then I started looking at the Futur.
    I was hoping to benefit from some of you Merkur users whose experience far exceeds mine. Which one would you get for yourself? Thank you gentlemen.
  2. I have used/own both and my vote goes to the Progress. I just did not like the Futur! YMMV
  3. I've had both. The Progress has poor fit and finish, limited range (mostly mild) of adjustment and the plastic knob causes it to drift (search older posts for more on this). Mer's knob cures this, but is expensive. The Futur (I have two, chrome and matte) has superb balance and no fit and finish problems. The Futur has a wide range of adjustments from mild to quite aggressive; it's my daily razor, and I think it's superb!
  4. No experience with the Futur but I have a long handled Mergress and love it.
  5. jtb


    I have both Progress and Futur and love them both... The Futur is bigger. This is definitely and YMMV thing.

    Why not get both?
  6. Both are fantastic razors, and the difference between the long-handled Progress and the Futur is minimal. You should be able to get outstanding shaves from both; and let's face it: In the end you ARE going to get both! :wink2:
  7. You are most probably correct, sir.

    Is the Mergress still available? I checked Lee's site and they don't seem to be have them any more. They don't even want any phone inquiries about this razor.:sad:
  8. FUTUR hands down for me, Progress was badly built and rattly, like a piece of taiwan tin.
  9. The Progress is the Weishi Adjustable, go for the Futur.

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    My Progress had blade alignment issues. Really like my Futur; it shaves smoother and has great audible feedback on the higher settings.
  11. Another vote for the Futur. It is unique and a razor that everyone should try at least once.
  12. As for the Futur: Chrome all the way!


    As much as I love the Futur, I would not have bought it in the matte finish.
  13. AFG


    I've never had a Progress. The Futur is a fantastic razor. I've had all three finishes and prefer the satin. For me it provides the best grip.
  14. Another vote for the Futur. Simply one of the best adjustable razors ever.

    I've never owned a Progress because of all the negative pub about it, but I do own a Mergress. As nice as the Mergress is, I don't think it performs any better than a stock Futur which is readily available and will cost quite a bit less.
  15. My first razor was a satin Futur, and I loved it. But as most of us do, I got a mild to medium case of RAD. After going through a ton of razors, including the Progress, I have come to the conclusion that the Futur is the best razor there is, for me. Every other razor I got, was a huge disappointment compared to the Futur, so if you have an oncoming case of RAD, get the Futur as your last razor, or you'll probably end up with the same disappointments as I got;-)
  16. Futur. :thumbup:
  17. Futur or Mergress XL. Both are great instruments.

    BRW is now doing modifications on the Progress. His work is stunning. In time I'm going to have him modify a Progress for me, just to have one.
  18. Futur over the progress. Have you considered a Vision? :)
  19. I've seen the Vision on various online sites and read mostly great reviews about it. I've had no experience with Merkur, though. Is the Vision that much better than the Futur to justify it costing twice as much?
  20. I've been shaving since about 1960, so I've tried quite a few razors... A few years ago I moved to the Futur and liked it so much, I sold all of my other razors - it's that good. I picked up a Vision recently on the BST for a good price - not much more than another new Futur, and have been using it everyday.

    It's a great razor, and superbly balanced in the hand - perhaps even better than the Futur since the adjustment is more user-friendly. If you're paying full price, I'd pass: once I found my sweet spot, I didn't bother with the adjustment, and while it's a great razor, it's not twice as good as the Futur.

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