Merkur HD, barely touched

Discussion in 'The Badger & Blade Marketplace' started by cr8n, May 24, 2008.

  1. This is the DE razor most often referred to here as the best choice for newbies. It comes highly recommended. I've used it less than 10 times.

    (I started with a Merkur classic, and I guess I'm spoiled. My loss, your gain.)

    I see Lee has these back in stock at 35 US semollians.

    You can have mine for 25dollars US plus actual shipping. I'm in Canada, but this week I mailed to NY via glacier for just over 5 bucks. (Of course, if you're in Canada ... well Canada Post sees you comin'.)

    OR ...

    if you have QED Lime or Sandalwood soap ... talk to me.

    Paypal only please.

    My first sale here. Be gentle.


    (P.S. Crazy me. I had 2 of these. One went to Jim in Amherstburg to get his buddy started in a trade.)
  2. This is a momentous occasion. I remember my first sale like it were yesterday. I sold a used Merkur Futur - uncleaned. :redface: It was beginner's negligence. Paul, I'm sure you'll do better than I.

  3. i had a bit of residual ebay paranoia when i did my first buy/sell here...but the people here are so great, it really helped put me at ease. i'm sure you'll have a good experience as well...
  4. Golly, I even have the box! At least it'll look better than the 10 yr old Trac II handle I just fobbed off on some guy recently! :blushing::blushing::blushing:

    Anyway, I'm sending samples of T&H 1805, WIL, and Trafalgar with it. What's not to love?
  5. Informative PM sent.
  6. ... PM was a referral, not an offer. Thanks, but item is still available.
  7. Merkur HD, T&H samples, still available.

    Let's add 10 Derby blades. They work well with Merkurs.

  8. Price lowered.
  9. Uh huh. Now THAT'S a good price! (Unfortunatley, I already ordered one :bored:)
  10. Timing is everything.
  11. PM sent with question
  12. PM sent
  13. PM sent this morning.
  14. Somebody's GOT to be interested in Glacier Mail! :w00t:
  15. To those interested, sorry for the delay in replying. I've just arrived home from some business travel (yet again), and will post by the end of the evening in response to 8 PMs I've received about this thread.

    thanks in advance for your understanding,
  16. Considering a trade offer from Gunner, who was also the first to make an offer.
  17. Accepted offer to purchase from Gunner, pending payment.


    P.S. Look at me, all custom and stuff.
  18. Paid and shipped.

    Thanks B&B.

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