Merkur 34C vs. Muhle R89

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  1. Hey Gents,

    Just wanted to see if I could get an opinion on the difference between these two razors. I have the R89 Grande, but haven't complete clicked with it. I want to know if I pick up the 34C if I will just run into the exact same issues or is the 34C milder? My #1 razor is a Feather AS-D2 that I absolutely love, but since I've got serious RAD, I'm always looking. I also have a Weber polished head with Bulldog handle on order. I know the 34C is constantly referenced and want to know what all the excitement is about.

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    • The 34c is a wee bit less mild than the R89 and gives me a slightly closer shave. Well, that may not be everybody's perception.
    • The 34c is a 2-piece razor which I find nice, cool and exciting.
    • The 34c is short handled and noticeably heavier that the R89, which both I find good while other get along much better with longer handles.
    • The 34c does not look as neat as the Muhle razors, which is a sad thing.
    • RAD is a good thing, so don't worry too much and try how the 34c is for you. Afterwards you can praise or condemn :wink2:
  2. Try it, you'll probably like it. I don't care about pretty, the 34C does an excellent job and it's easy to use. And if you don't the slightly-used market here and elsewhere makes it easy to move it along. But I'll say this, I've let go of older Gillettes in favor of mine, it's IMO that good.
  3. You know you will end up buying one regardless of what we say. You already have stainless razors, and ones that are on top to begin with, and you also have one of the best designed/finished zinc alloy razor. I believe you will be disappointed with your new purchase.

    If you end up with one please come back and let us know what you think of it.

    Anyway, to answer your question, in my opinion 34C is a tad more aggressive than R89. More aggressive in a good way, as in it will give you a closer shave. In my experience their finish is awful, matched only by their customer service skills. The middle threaded post is too short making the length of thread engagement ridiculous. The head is made of pot metal/zinc alloy.

    Enjoy your shaves.
  4. It's just a DE that many are familiar with. Haven't used the 34C but I started with the 38C, moved on to the DE89 and then to the AS-D2. You can collect opinions but you'll need to consider whether they're relevant to you or not. DE selection is very YMMV. Best bet if you're curious is to just try one out and see for yourself.
  5. The 34C is an excellant performing razor, but it will not stand up for decades like a brass plated or stainless razor. Have you considered a 37C slant which is a bit more aggresive? I remove the blade from my Merkur alloy razors, wipe, and reinsert the blade after each use. I began this maintenance after noteing incipient corrosion when I only rinsed under hot running water. So far, no further corrosion issues

  6. dcc


    You have the better head,just get short,but heavy handle like Bulldog,and the job is done :)
  7. 34C is a two piece razor. In my opinion you are better off getting a 23C or 33C and use it with any handle you have (R89, Bulldog or original). I use an EJ DE89 (same as R89) with a bulldog handle and it is outstanding.
  8. Hey John, Got a 39C on it's way to me as well. Hope this one holds the RAD back for a little while.
  9. So, I went to my local Art of Shaving and did a side by side comparison. The heads are virtually identical. So I'm going to practice more with my R89 Grande and see what happens. Plus... I have a my 39C, Weber, and Merkur 1906 OC on the way. Why didn't anyone warn me about RAD?
  10. Because RAD is a good, enjoyable thing! :thumbup:
  11. I have had both and got rid of them. Try a Gillette TV 1958 and you will never go back to a "modern" razor. This is one great razor and good deals can be found at a price equal to or less than the 34/89.

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