Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Omnichron, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. at 6'3", I find it tempting... my hands are huge for the Merkur Futur. thoughts?
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    This is, by far, my favorite razor. Go for it.
  3. I'm about your height as well. The 23c was my first DE and it is one of only a handful of razors I have kept after trying many. The 34c is also a great razor, as is the Futur ;-)
  4. I was shipped a 23c by mistake and later put an open comb head on it and it was my go to for a while - until the sophistication of adjustables beckoned:001_tt1:
  5. you might want to go for the 38c, the handle on the 23c is a bit thin, its about the thickness of a standart pencil or pen, the 38C has a similar lenght but a thicker handle, same goes for the long handled progress,

    i cant belive im going to write this but...

    you might want to find a 2nd hand vision, its a complex and very overpriced razor, i dont usualy recomend it to anyone, but it has a long and thick handle, makes you think it was designed for gentlemen who find normal razors too small or thin,
  6. I'm quite happy with my 23C.
  7. It's the razor i finally settled on.
  8. I would go for the Merkur Progress long handle if I were going for any long handle.
  9. I have several Merkurs but the only one I would buy again is the 25C, the open comb version of the 23C; for me this handle is the nicest in the Merkur range both for lenght, balance and diameter.
  10. I second the 38c if you got big hands like I do.
  11. :001_tt1:+1,000,000:001_tt1:
  12. The 23c is a fine razor. I bought it after finding the handle on the Merkur HD to be too short. If you find that you like the longer handle but want something heavier, then have cooncatbob make you a custom handle.
  13. the 23c was my favorite Merkur razor by far, just a great balance, a smooth shaver... I have huge hands as well, it was a lot easier to manipulate the 23c than the HD!
  14. I have small hands, and dislike short handled razors. They feel oafish and uncoordinated in my hand.

    I would think you may like a nice long handled barber pole razor. They are thicker and heavier.

    I've the longhandled slant and it is great.

    I've had a long handled progress, with the custom handle from mer, for about a week now. This is the finest razor I own. It has a great weight, yet superb balance. And set on 2, it shaves like a dream. It also has the best grip of any of my razors. And it's the best looking of the lot too.

    The future and visions are ginormous razors, but they have trouble in tight places like under your nose.

    I have the 23c. It's a nice long handled razor. The handle, as others say, is thin and light. Still it has a nice balance. I like it. It's a mild shaver. The wife uses it and says it's so smooth she can't tell if there is a blade in it. It's a good razor if you want to try it.
  15. This was the first razor I bought and it is still my favorite. I like the longer handle it gives me more control.
  16. It's all I've got, so can't compare it to anything else. But, I love it and will keep using it until I have some extra money for a HD or a slant.
  17. I am also a 6'3'' and have a 23c, it is my only razor and have been using it since before joining the forum here. I am tempted at times to buy other razors, but cannot justify a reason, the shaves are that good.

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