Merkur 11C vs. 34C

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Hun, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Hun


    Hi to all. I am Hun and I am.... a shaver :badger:

    I have being using my noname DE razors for quite a time now. I have two noname razors - old style 'open comb' & 'closed comb'. I am fine with both.

    Now I want to get myself a new shiny Merkur DE razor :drool: Actually, no other DE brands are available in my rural area. I want to stick to HD, but I don't know which to choose - 11C or 34C. I hear people say that open comb Merkur 11C is no good comparing to 34C. Is that true?

    Did anybody have a chance to compare both - Merkur 11C and 34C? Is 34C is OK? I read that many people use shimming for 11C. Is it really necessary?

    !!! PS. I don't really care people say that closed comb is better for newbies. I am not :censored: newbie.
    !!! PSS. No, I can't get myself Gillette NEW. Ebay guys refuse to come to my village
  2. Hun


    No ideas? How come! :eek:
  3. What is wrong with being a newbie :confused: In a lot of ways I still consider myself one.

    34C is one of the most popular razors here (if not the most). It is my understanding that the performance of it is not much different then the 11C. I do not see the point of owning both.
  4. Don't know about 34C but 11C should be similar to the long handle 25C which I use. I am sure both are great shavers, get both for variety if you get sick of one. Sooner or later you'll want one, and the question of what's better will keep coming up until you get both and be done with it. Shimming is not necessary. I tried it, didn't need it. Each razor has a different personality I find. Shimming is only necessary IMHO if you are finding your shave to be so gentle that you can't feel a thing. I'm sure you'll be happy with both 34C and 11C. Really, there's not much of a difference except I think that an 11C looks cooler. What's a man's razor without teeth? The joke is, it's still a safety razor ;) (but with half the safety)
  5. Welcome to B&B. Where are you located that shipping is such a problem?
  6. Hun


    New2DEShaving_Montreal, thanks a lot for sharing! Frankly speaking, I really like the way open comb looks & that's why I tend to pick open comb 11C.

    rickw, thanks for your warm welcome. I am in a cold and snowy Russia now :2guns:
  7. I have a relative that says the best time to see Lake Baikal is in the winter. Or ride the transsiberian railway same time of year.
  8. I am sure someone on B&B could send you a Gillette NEW. No ebay involved. I have a couple NEW's and they are great razors.
  9. Hun


    northmendo, that's a brilliant idea!

    Today I checked up the nearest antique shops in my area. The only DE vintage razor I could find was a Gillette Khaki Set. Though it cost about USD$ 12.5, it was in a rather poor condition - there was a crack at the bottom of a handle :cursing: & almost no platting left :crying:.

    I noticed a strange thing - according to photos, Gillette Khaki Set was a silver plated razor, but I am more than sure that the item I saw was gold platted.
  10. Hun, where abouts do you live exactly? I don't know what Gillette NEW, I'll have to look it up. I might be able to help you out. If you find something on ebay that you like, have it shipped to me, and I'll ship it over to you if they don't want to ship it to you. In any case, there are a lot of members here that can help you out from Norway, and Poland specially. There is an ebay seller from Poland who will ship your way, don't remember his name but I can forward you his email. Send me a PM.

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