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  1. I've got a useless question that I have always wondered about, the safety razor blade slot in old medicine cabinets, where do the razors go? Between the walls? In a special blade box built into the back of the cabinet? Or do the blade fairies in the walls use 'em to shave their beards? Who knows? :detective:
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    I don't know how many shaves it would take to fill one up!

  3. They just fall down between the wall
  4. Isaac

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    They meet up with the missing socks from the dryer.

    It just goes behind the wall.
  5. The ones I have seen just use the void in the wall. The cabinets fit in between the studs. This forms a rectangular shaped box under the cabinet. The sides of this box are composed of the two studs on either side, the bottom of the cabinet is the top and the footer at the bottom which is typically a 2x4 laid on the floor and nailed down. The walls make the last two sides. The interior dimensions would be about 4'x3.5"x16". It will hold a lot of blades.
  6. I know of a couple of contractors who have done extensive bathroom renovations that say when they tore those walls out, literally thousands of blades can occasionally be found. They (obviously) have to be really careful. One guy told me he usually uses a shop vac to get the majority of them out, but has to throw the hose away after.

  7. imagine how many years of use it would take to fill up a wall:biggrin:
  8. Wow! :w00t: Thousands of blades behind the wall, eh? I wonder if anyone has ever filled up their wall before?

  9. WOW.

    This thread is making me laugh out loud. I can't believe how awesome that is. thousands of blades?!?!?!?!
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    When I went to the Peaks of Otter (a hotel along the Blue Ridge Parkway) two months ago, I took a picture of the blade slot built into the TILE in the bathroom there. None the less, it was packed with blades!!

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  11. Although this is off topic, I just bought a blade bank made during the war. The owner of the shop was ancient, and he told me that there was a local company that produced these and they came about during the war. Not as a safe way to dispose of blades...but as a convenient way to make sure that every blade that was thrown away could be collected and recycled for the war effort. Can you imagine in these days of everything disposable as how odd this is? I like it personally...waste not want not. If I get time I will post a's pretty cool.

    (Who's going to the Shaveapalooza on Feb 9th)
  12. I think a cool improved version would be to have a slot in your mirror (counter to ceiling type) that had a chute down to a container under your sink cabinet. So you still get the cool disposal, but you can empty it as needed.

  13. Ain't that the TRUTH !!!!! :biggrin:
  14. I would have never known what that slot in my medicine cabinet was for if not for this forum, yes!
  15. What is the R value of a wall full of razor blades? :lol:
  16. Here is mine and it gets occassional use...
  17. i want one of these :frown:
  18. So just cut a slot in your bathroom wall. I'm sure your wife won't care. :biggrin:
  19. i should :wink:
  20. I did a search on 'razor blade banks' and a company called West Coast Shaving sells them for a dollar each.

    Yeah, I remember having medicine cabinets with a razor blade disposal slot in the back. Haven't seen one in a while, though. the next time I'm at Lowes I'll have to check just for grins. :w00t:

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