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  1. I'm told it's there to "replace" the now extinct Lane HGL. Anyone tried this?
  2. I'm afraid I haven't but it sounds interesting. I may throw some into my next order.

    McClelland Bulk: TGL - Toasted Cavendish Latakia
    Product Number: 005-002-0066
    Toasted Cavendish is joined by a hint of Cyprian Latakia, burleys and golden Virginias to create this sweet, yet full bodied smoke. Reminiscent of the now gone Lane HGL blend.
  3. Yeah, I used to like HGL. Had a whack of it and when I wanted it again it was gone. I'm looking for at least a pound of TGL when I next order and haven't been able to find any reviews. Some McClelland tobaccos I like. Some not so much and I was hoping to hear some opinions before I pull the trigger on this one.

    If you get to it before I do, post on it. I'll do the same. :001_smile
  4. Deal. :thumbup1:

    I just read some reviews of HGL and it sounds like something I'd probably try out if it were available.

    Hmmm, I need to place an order that I can casually throw a couple of ounces of this onto. :ihih:
  5. Yeah, this was one of the first bulk tobaccos I tried years ago. The local shop sold it as "Mixture 1066" and it wasn't bad. I was buying 5 pounds at a time and usually smoked one pipe of it a day as part of my little "rotation." When it was time to order again it was gone and I now need to fill a niche. 4 Noggins "Bald Headed Teacher" looks interesting. It might not be a bad one to test drive.
  6. I had to order up some of the new G.L. Pease Jackknife Plug, so I threw in an ounce of the bulk TGL. It just came in today!

    Tin note (well...bag note) definitely smells of Latakia, no noticable aromatic casing. It's fairly moist so I have some drying out right now.
  7. Ok, I dried out some and packed up a Missouri Meerschaum Diplomat. It's a bulk ribbon cut so I treated it as such. Lit easy and burns even. Medium-light nicotine kick. Nice full taste and mouth feel, with no bite I could detect. Good quality leaf so far, inline with other McClellands.

    I've had a lot of VaPers and aromatics lately so I think that amplified my initial reaction to the latakia, but it seemed very present for the first half. The second half settled down into a nice even smoke. Light Virginias, a dash of straight burley and latakia, and a little spice on the trailing end from the cavendish.

    For an aromatic, it really doesn't have all that much casing. It's more of a bystander than a feature. It reminds me of Just For Him's 'Shortcut to Mushrooms' with a hair less casing. An English blend mixed with a lightly cased vanilla aromatic.

    Overall, not bad. :thumbup1: If I didn't already have some Shortcut left, I'd order more.

    3.5 / 5
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  8. That's great! Thanks for taking the time to post. Tell me, how was the room note?
  9. Room note was apparently decent since my complaint box is empty. :lol:

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