Mayweather vs Pacquiao

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  1. Never going to happen. Floyd is scared to lose his perfect record. I respect floyd's boxing but I cannot stand his attitude and bravado. "a fool and his money are soon separated".

    This is if he is not made an example of in prison. Those who are/were LEO's know that there is honor among thieves. Rapists and domestic violence inmates are routinely subject to "justice" by the hands of inmates. Floyd would be looked at as a trophy and there would be a waiting line to tax him.

    Interested to hear other opinions.
  2. I am confused- how did we get from a boxing match that won't happen to prison rape?
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  4. I should have clarified. By tax him I meant assault him. I doubt he would be left alone for a long time, but in the eyes of a prisoner, to say you knocked out FM, is substantial bragging rights.
  5. I sincerely doubt that they're going to let him alone for a long period of time. He's a celebrity worth millions and millions and millions of dollars. Jail time for celebrities is not the same as it is for everybody else.
  6. I agree but only to a point. Domestic violence is not the same as Paris Hilton getting a DUI.
  7. It's not, but it's also not homicide and he's not in there for life. Because he's a celebrity and a boxer, yeah, there are going to be a lot of guys looking to prove something. A lot of guys. It won't look very good for the institution if they let a prize fighter worth millions get beaten to smithereens.
  8. Good post. All the jail stuff aside, I truly feel he is scared. He knows how powerful Paq is and if he gets beaten, I believe his confidence will be shattered.
  9. That's possible. I don't know a lot about boxing or the situation. What does he want Pacquiao to do? Take a blood test before the fight, or something?

    The thing is, it doesn't seem to me that there's enough to gain for either of them. Well, there is, but the CON outweighs the pro. Right now whoever is better is up in the air. If they fight that will be decided. Disillusioning for whoever loses and a permanent stain on the legacy. I think the pain of losing the fight would have much greater magnitude than the joy of winning it. I'm not expressing that very well.

    I agree, I don't think it will ever happen.
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    Mayweather has been running from Pacquiao for the longest time now.
    I don't think it will ever happen. He is indeed deathly afraid of the Pac Man.
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    Mayweather and Pacquiao will NEVER fight. I wish they would, but it will NEVER happen.

    As for prison, Mayweather will be kept in isolation or a protected housing unit, he will not be in the general public It isn't safe for him or the other inmates.
  12. Big fan of Pacman's ever since that bloody fight with David Diaz. Until the Marquez fight, I would have bet money that he would take Floyd by KO or TKO. Now I am not so sure. Paquiao was not as explosive against JMM as he usually is and we got to see what a truly great counter puncher can do against him. Guess who else is a truly great counter puncher? And faster and stronger than JMM?

    This fight will happen, but only after the two of them run out of other opponents they can plausibly get PPV money for. We are almost there. The tragedy is that I think time favors Floyd. Three to five years ago, Manny might have destroyed him. Not anymore.

  13. I believe the final point is money (go figure!)

    Pac wants a 50/50 split. Mayweather says that he doesn't warrant the same pot as he is not the same draw.
    Estimates are saying it will be a $100 million fight. Hence Floyd's greed. 60 million is enough but 50 isnt? You're making over a million dollars per minute! Let's be serious.
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    Excellent commentary.
  15. MONEY talks & ______ walks!!! There is wayyyyy too much money 4 this fight not 2 happen.

  16. Have we all forgotten that it was Paquiao who wouldn't agree to drug testing, not Mayweather? If he agreed to it, the fight would have happened. But to Paquiao, drug testing was the deal breaker. Manny using HGH is the reason that fight didn't happen, not Floyd protecting his undefeated record. For $40 mil, Floyd would risk losing any noght, as long as the check cleared.

    Floyd is as big a jerk as anyone in sports today, but he didn't run from that fight. But since he's a jerk and Manny is nice, people have convenient amnesia about Manny refusing to be drug tested. We get mad about baseball players stalling on this issue, but Manny gets a pass? Floyd is msny things, but yellow he is not. If Manny wasn't on the juice, we would have seen this fight. And since he wouldn't have been on the juice, Floyd would probably have won.
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    And this is why a shaving site has a thread on MMA with 2800 posts while boxing is dying. Quick- name the middleweight, light heavyweight, and lightweight champs. Years ago I could have answered that in two seconds.
  18. See, that's what I remembered reading way back. What was Pacquiao's rationale? I remember something like: In order to be tested, they'd have to draw blood and Pacquiao thought the drawing of the blood would weaken him and give Mayweather an advantage (or something). I could be making that up.
  19. Speculation... I've trained people competing on stage for years, unless you have used jinotropin or something similar and know how it effects the individual, keep your conspiracy theories.

    Why GH? Why not a long range peptide? Why not a red blood cell mimetic? Heck, why not insulin?


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