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    Gents, if I'm offensive, then I apologize, but I just have to say "Maybe I'm Amazed...". I'll admit, I've been absent for a bit, but yes, I'm amazed at members who are trying to save a penny or two when it comes to razor blades, shaving cream, shaving soap, razors, etc. Think about it. When it comes to shaving, we are talking about your FACE. So if a blade is 12 cents or 15 cents, what does it matter? I've not been an active participant for the past few months, but I've been watching from afar. And what I see startles me. First and foremost...shaving is common sense. Do some research, drop a blade in a razor, and shave! I started with a $5 dollar brush and a $1.00 shaving soap. And a used Merkur HD. It doesn't matter what you start with, just start and learn to master the tools you have on hand. I had a Surrey brush and a puck of Williams shaving soap. And I got the best and most enjoyable shave of my life! SO...remember a couple of things. You don't have to start with a $100 or $200 dollar shaving kit. Start with what you have on hand and learn. Pay attention to your lather and the quality of your shave. Shaving is a personal preference. You like what you like. I laugh when I see someone ask if they will like T&H 1805. That's like me asking if I will like mustard? Who knows? I like shaving with my $150 Shavemac, Coates Shaving Cream and Merkur razor. And I like shaving with my Williams Shaving Soap, Surrey Brush and Merkur HD. Remember one thing. You don't have to invest a fortune to enjoy wet shaving. You just have to find what works for you.


    Again, as Randy said, I apologize if this offends anyone, but "My Sweet Lord..." I know I haven't been wetshaving the longest, or even been seriously shaving long at all, less than two years and a majority of that time with an electric only every week or so. I absolutely abhorred cartridge razors but was getting terrible results with an electric so I started looking around and found this thing called wetshaving, Mantic, and B&B. I joined and got involved in the discussion a bit and absorbed an enormous amount of information that I would have never known had I not come to this site. From my purchase of a Merkur Progress on, wetshaving became a hobby to me, as I'm sure to many others. As such, I like to discuss the intricacies of the field, what the tried and true methods are, and what are some of the best products to use. For a large majority of people (atleast my generation), they know absolutely nothing about wetshaving, heck I was handed that electric razor when I was sixteen and that was all my shaving training. With the mass goop and multi-blade contraptions, this is one of the reasons why most ask what they ask. This has become that place where we can talk about the differences between a diplomat and a president or whether corking blades has any effect. And in a time where such few people actually participate, its a brotherhood, and its great to be able to ask whether T&H 1805 is similar/better to the current cream you're using, especially when most of what people buy shaving products, they buy blind. Granted, shaving is shaving and if someone enjoys a great bbs shave with Williams SS, I sincerely applaud them for finding something that works great for them. Shaving does not have to cost a fortune, only what you want to pay. As for me, it is a hobby, and I enjoy the commradery, the ADs, and the discussions of tan tips and badger hair. :biggrin:


    (Randy: I'm not trying to write sarcastically or to write a mocking post by copying the style you wrote in. I just thought it'd be cool to have a different post in the same layout like yours. A yin-yang kind of thing.)
  3. I think it is also great for the people who thought they would like 1805 ( example here, insert ur own ? product ), and then finding out they don't like it ( aliens maybe ? ) . It is super easy to trade or sell it to a fellow member who loves the product.
  4. Former Beatles + seventies = apologies accepted.:lol::lol::lol::lol:

    But both gentlemen have good points.
  5. Agreed.

    Technique (what you do) is more important than 'stuff' (what you use).

    -- John Gehman
  6. agreed, but for one point.

    The blades make the biggest difference, IMHO.

    Handles, creams, soaps and brushes are all important too, however they coorespond mostly to personal preference.

    Blades, on the other hand, tend to give comperable results irregardless of what razor you are using. I say 'Gillette SuperStainless' and most people will think 'Beercan Blades' . I say 'Derby Extra' at least some think 'fairly forgiving blade'. I say 'Feather' and at least a few people think 'Good shave, if you're careful' .

    I wouldn't hesitate to spend the extra buck or two on a good pack of blades over a pack of something like Dorco.
  7. Hi.
    Welcome back. Nice rant.

    Except I don't get the point. At first I thought you were miffed 'cause guys are pinching pennies when they should be more worried about results, but then you mentioned the benefits of some cheaper products. I couldn't agree more with that assessment. I've written extensively how my best shaves come from the "cheaper" soaps and creams. Blades are pretty much cheap no matter what you get. An SS or Merkur runs about 20 bucks which ain't bad. The only thing I splurged on is the brush and that was totally worth it. So if you're saying one shouldn't worry about loading up w/ fancy shmancy products while breaking the bank I'm with you. But a nice brush feels reeeealllly good:tongue:.

    btw you ever ski Park City? I've always wanted to go there, but haven't made it yet. Someday...
  8. I think the moral of the story here is that the basic hardware for shaving, the razor and the blades should not be scrimped on. All the other stuff is strictly a preference thing. If the razor and blades are quality you will get a great shave no matter what.
  9. I'm in agreement with all that's been said about good tools and technique over money spent.

    However, I will add something of my own observation about soaps and creams. I've found one type of cream that is head and shoulders above others I've tried in terms of slick lather that prevents razor burn and weepers. In about as controlled an experiment as I could do, it stood out. I've switched to it exclusively and now do not get irritating shaves. The scent isn't the issue, it's the manufacturer.

    My point is that DE shaving is very very individual. Each guy has to find the combination of the right razor, blade, prep and in my case the cream that works the best for him. I think I would add to the above discussion that the soap or cream one uses has a lot to do with the result.
  10. "one type of cream that is head and shoulders above others"

    and, that is . . . . . ?
  11. Head and Shoulders mayhaps?

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