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  1. Anybody that know sommething about this adjustable Matador?
    Shaving performance?

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  2. No, but I know it looks awesome! Sorry I can't be helpful, but it does sort of look like an Apollo Mikron / Fatboy / Progress hybrid. Where'd you come by that? Actually, it's so fat it looks like an adjustable Stahly.
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  3. i dont know either but you should clean it up and give us a looks like a shaving machine
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    Matador is a brand from AB Matadorverken, Halmstad Sweden of Swedish stell Manufacture. Co. Exporters registered in 1929 to 1977 for razors. They were bought out by Eversharp in 1959 and moved to Holland in 77. they made gillette type rzors. (similar to the National razors)
  5. Sone to be mine, I hope!
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  6. Or mine... :drool:
  7. That is a freaking awesome looking razor!
  8. Thanks for the info, didnt know that it was swedish made.

    It seems that i have some hard competiton to get this one
    May the most obsesed man win....
  9. alex2363

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    I hope that whoever wants it most gets it....looks awsome
  10. I´ll be shure to do that when it arrives! :biggrin1:
  11. Japp den vill jag höra mer om.gärna lite bättre bilder

  12. Taget!
  13. OK...can someone translate? These could be really inappropriate:biggrin1:.

    Also, I find it's better to wait until you are the lucky winner before you announce the razor you've found. I admit, I did a little poking around on the Swedish ebay myself. Not sure if that's where it was, but I looked.
  14. sounds like;ill win if it kills me.then on guard?
  15. Bork, bork, bork!

    I only promised to post more and better pictures when it arrives.
  16. Congrats and I look forward to a loooooong review! :)

    Thanks LiveOak

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