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  1. I just saw a Matador Close Comb Double Edge Razor - Capa Roja from Razor Blades and more.

    It is an absolutely beautiful razor. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them. Also is open comb the same thing as a slant comb? I know that is supposedly very aggressive. I'm relatively new to DE razors and not sure I want to go that aggressive. If anyone has any knowledge on this razor I'd greatly appreciate it

  2. I haven't had any experience with Matador razors, but can answer your question about slants versus Open comb.

    Slant razors are not the same as open comb razors. They are razors that are made so that the top cap and base plate of the razor are slanted to twist the flexible razor blade to the same slant. It's purpose is to provide more of a slicing action for the blade as the razor is pulled across the whiskers. Although there are vintage slant razors, today's only manufacturer of slant razors is Merkur. Here's a photo of one of them, a Merkur 39 (also from Razor, Blades and More).

    Regarding whether open comb razors are more aggressive than other razors, the answer is perhaps. This isn't meant to be a flip answer, but make the point that OC razors, like safety bar razors run a full spectrum of mild to aggressive. On the mild end would be a Merkur 11c (which is no longer offered by Merkur) to mid-range such as the Cadet/RazoRock razors (which the Matador may be re-branded version of) to Fatip razors which are slightly more aggressive to the Muhle R41 razors which peg the needle on the aggressiveness gauge.

    Like safety bar razors, aggressiveness has to do with blade gap and blade exposure. Gap is the distance between the edge of the blade, while exposure has to do with how much blade is exposed between the top cap and the edge of the blade.

    I would ask what razor have you been using? and how has it been working for you?
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    Open comb and slant are not the same. Both are considered generally more aggressive feeling than many closed or standard comb razors, but that's not a hard and fast rule.

    The Matador razors, iirc, are made in India, same as the Cadet line, as well as the RazoRock razors. Exact same manufacturing facility, just re-branded as needed for others. They have solid brass handles and alloy heads. From all the various reviews I've seen on here, they are good quality, even more so considering the very reasonable price they sell for.
  4. Cool. Currently I have the Merkur 20C long handled razor. It is the only DE I have used. It seems ok. But I tend to have to go over areas a few times. This leads to cuts especially on the neck line. So I was looking for something slightly more aggressive. This has been mitigated some as I have experimented with blades. The Astra SS and Lord blades seem to work best but I've only tried about 6 blades. I have a blade sampler I'm working through now. It sounds like the Matador may be a good mid-range razor to move up to.
  5. Many people like the Cadet/Matador/Pearl line. I prefer vintage Gillette New open combs, myself - different feel. Old Types are another style, and the Merkur 1904 yet another.

    There is an open comb slant razor (vintage) by Fasan. I think they're (almost?) always made of bakelite or mostly bakelite. I haven't tried them, but they do look cool.
  6. +1. A Gillette New short comb is a great next step into open comb razors. It will be more aggressive, efficient is really the better term, than your current razor. However, it will still be mild feeling enough to be familiar and comfortable. The long comb New will be more efficient, approaching aggressive. The Cadet/Matador are a step above in terms of aggressive. It's not something I would normally recommend to a new open comb user.

    If you want to try open combs, and I think they are fantastic, start with a short comb New. The bonus is they cost $15-$20 on the BST here.
  7. I shaved with a RazoRock Jaws OC (Cadet) today for the first time that I won in a PIF (thanks Chadao!). The angle was easy to dial in. I got a great smooth, close, nick, and burn free shave. The only difference I noticed with the razor was the different feel and sound on my face. I used a Personna Med Prep and Stirling Spice.

  8. Old Hickory - sounds like the Matador is calling your name.

    Bobcat - congratulations on your first Cadet/RazoRock OC shave. I think that you're at the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    Jeff - thanks for bringing up the fine Gillette NEW's. I had one a long time ago and PIF'ed off. I miss it.
  9. Well I pulled the trigger on the Matador Open comb. Can't wait for it to come in so I can give it the ole college try
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    I used 2 different open combs made by Cadet. Great awesome shaver. The only reason I stopped using them was I converted to straight razors. Use a nice light touch and they are a great shaving experience.
  11. Is 'Pearl' brand safety razors good? They look cool.
  12. Shave_Rat

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    They are the same as the Cadet/Matador/RazoRock razors. All made by the same company and rebranded for others, based on all the accounts and reviews I've seen. They are very quality, even moreso once you consider the price point they sell for.
  13. I have a pearl razor and it is a very nice razor for the price. Then i paired it up with a feather it gave a nice close shave
    not too far away from the 2013 r41 in terms of aggressiveness, But then ymmv.
  14. Just received my Matador Open Comb in the mail. I removed the black handle (nice weight) and attached a Bulldog. Will try it out tomorrow.
  15. I have a Capo Dora at home and while I have not yet used it i agree it is a great looking razor. Very solidly built and heavy with a great finish...
  16. Shave_Rat

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    Yeah, I swapped the head on mine onto a Sabi T2 handle. Made a great combo. The bulldog should be a similar experience.

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