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  1. I was tooling around on the Appleton Barber Supply site to see if there was anything new out, and lo and behold I found a new product I hadn't heard of, Master Jade Aftershave. Is this a brand new product? It's not mentioned on the Master Wellcomb site but I am curious if anyone here has tried it, and if so, what are your thoughts?
  2. I asked the good folks at Master Well Comb and this is the response I received: "Jade is our new fragrance. It is similar to Polo." Looks like I'll have to get this one as my boys' Godfather wears Polo exclusively and in good measure so it would probably help to complement it rather than fight it when we get together! By the way, has anyone here tried this one yet, or do I need to be the guinea pig?
  3. A new aftershave scent coming to the Master lineup, and (hopefully) with a pine note?! This I've GOT to try...

    Thanks for the heads-up, Patrick. Off to my local barber supply store to see if it's in stock yet I go!
  4. To say that I'm interested in another aftershave by Masters is an understatement. I would like to get my hands on Focus as I liked Brute but found it a little too sweet.
  5. Focus is good stuff, definitely worth a try.

    I don't know Polo, what is it like?
  6. I don't have any myself, but it always smells good on my son's Godfather. It has a few different notes to it and is hard for me to describe, but it definitely has an upscale (read: expen$ive) aroma to it. I saw some in the store the other day and it wasn't cheap, that's for sure! By the way, Wingnut and David in Boston, have either of you guys checked the Master Jade out yet?
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  7. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking...
  8. I really would like to get some Jade but I've got so much aftershave I could open up a retail store. Been thinking of offering trades for Masters Jade & Focus.
  9. I'm right with you on that, David. I believe my aftershave count is somewhere in the 40's. I do want to get that Jade, though! I just hate to order it and pay shipping just for one bottle.
  10. I have both the Master Jade and Focus on order. (I'm buying my own birthday present this year!) I'll post an update in a few days. Happy Friday gentlemen!
  11. My ship(ment) has come in! In addition to some Master and Pinaud grooming products I received bottles of Gabel's Lilac, Master Jade and Master Focus. I opened them all for a sniff test and they are all nice. I put on some Master Focus this afternoon and I am really enjoying it! My first thoughts in this would be that it seems almost like a mixture of Brut, Skin Bracer and a tiny hint of Master Lilac Vegetol. If this sounds strange to you, I get it because it sounds strange to me too as I type this but MAN! This stuff is GOOD!!! I will get back to you with my Master Jade and Gabel's Lilac reviews soon.
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  12. Looking forward to your reviews.
  13. I went with the Gabel's Lilac this morning. It is mostly alcohol, water and scent, and smells nice, but not as good as the Master Lilac Vegetol, nor as different as The Veg. It lasts a couple of hours. If I had it to do over again, I probably would have ordered the Stephan's Lilac instead. But for $4.75 for 16 ounces, it ain't bad at all! I decided to put my first try of the Master Jade off until tomorrow (my b-day) and will post my review of that one soon.
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  14. So here it is, drumroll Master Jade review! I splashed some on liberally this morning after my shave and it had a mild sting that was kept in check by the glycerin content. The main notes at first were cedar and pine and a light floral, perfumey sort of scent for lack of a better term. Very nice. After it began to dry I noticed a bit of a change with some pepper thrown in that a hint of blueberry?! Yes, I think it is blueberry. The scent lasted a couple of hours then began to fade on me somewhat, but there was still a nice, light aroma hanging around. I like this stuff, and I think it's safe to say if you're a fan of the Master line of aftershaves you will like this one as well. I think as with a lot of aftershaves, time and a few more uses will tell just how much I like it.
  15. Hmmm...looks like Jade and Focus will be my next aftershave purchases. Thanks for the reviews.
  16. Thanks for this review. Jade sounds interesting. I'm going to include it in my next order from Appleton, probably sometime in the fall.
  17. You're welcome, David and Viseguy. Those are wise choices for your next purchases! Master Well Comb makes some really good stuff. I also got some Master blue gel, haIr spray and shampoo and they are all excellent as well. The gel smells similar to their Checker Flag aftershave and the two go very well together. I was surprised at just how much I like Focus. By the way, it has panthenol instead of glycerin which makes for a different sort of skin conditioning. I'm looking forward to using the Jade again soon as well.
  18. I love Master Well Comb Hairdressing. Completely non-greasy. It's one of the few hair conditioners/dressings that I can tolerate.
  19. Thanks for the review!! :)
  20. I finally got around to placing my order with Appleton, and it arrived yesterday. I tried the Master Jade today and was very pleased. The description by patrickthebassbash quoted above is spot on, right down to the pepper and blueberry finish. A wonderful woodsy scent that's a bit like Master Focus, only more complex and subtle. Into my regular line-up it goes! :thumbsup:

    PS: I wore Master Jade for a full day today and enjoyed it a lot. I noticed for the first time a definite family resemblance to Master Challenge. If you think of Challenge is a kinder, gentler Clubman Special Reserve, then Jade is a kinder, gentler Challenge. Both are woodsy, but Jade substitutes subtle floral/fruity notes for Challenge's pronounced leather and furniture polish. You can splash Jade on liberally and not worry about projecting your scent across a room. Challenge you have to be a little more careful with. (SR is too much of a good thing for me.)
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