Mason Pearson hair brush

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by Cannata, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Just pulled the trigger on a Mason Pearson hair brush. Boy are those puppies expensive!! Any thoughts?
  2. Yep, they sound expensive.
  3. What kind of brush is it? A paddle brush or a military style? I have two Acca Kappa military style brushes that I really like. One is a dark boar bristle which is pretty stiff and the other is a white or natural boar bristle which is much softer. They were $32 a piece. I guess I don't know all that much about brushes and what makes one so much better than another. I know that I've seen the Mason Pearsons and the Kents for much more money than the Acca Kappas, but I don't really know why. I love the way my Acca Kappa brushes look. They have wood handles and are quite handsome. I guess I'll find out in time whether they hold up. I don't know all that much about the Mason Pearsons except that yes, they are expensive.

  4. I got Mason Pearson pure bristle/nylon BN2 brush it seems to be great brush and i think it's more gently on my hair than cheap brushes. My sister got Mason Pearson brush too she told me it start to break down but she had it over ten years.
    I think it's great value if mine lasts over ten years too since normally 5-15$ brushes last me only 6-12 months before i need new one.
  5. The brush I have is a bristle/nylon Popular hair brush. It is a paddle brush. I bought an Acca Kappa 1869 club style hairbrush in wenge natural bristles. It too was not a cheap brush. But I have thick hair and I'm hoping that the Mason Pearson will work out a little better for me.


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