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    Marseille, France. It is exactly here that, in the end of the 18th century, the first modern soap was created. Great Master soap manufacturers introduced new, unique, magnificent formulas and started using innovative working methods never seen before. It was the beginning of a new Age… Only natural and selected ingredients were employed, and they were worked with techniques that, today, we consider “original, classic, traditional”. For the very first time a mix of pure vegetable oils (Olive, Coconut, Palm) was used, all raw ingredients treated with soda at very high temperature: this is the famous Marseilles saponification method. The soft soap paste so produced was pressed and put into a wood moulding and subsequently enriched with essential oils, natural fragrances and balms, added at the end of the cooking process. This soap paste was then properly cut creating the shape of soap bars, which were hand stamped or pressed into brass moulds. Finally, a particular attention was given to seasoning, with the soap bars left to dry in wood cases for a period of six/eight months. A period in which the soaps became highly refined and effective for gently cleaning the skin.
    This process was first adopted in Italy by Virgilio Valobra, the greatest Italian Master soap manufacturer, who, in 1903, established the factory that still carries his legendary name.
    And in France, where everthing began over two centuries ago, a new traditional soap factory, follower of the famous Marseilles saponification method, was founded in 1974: Martin de Candre. MdC soaps are today exactly how they were in the past: 100% pure and natural, no preservatives, no chemical additives, only essential oils. They are truly of the highest quality, just like the soaps produced by Virgilio Valobra. Or, to be more precise, they are even more unique, since you can buy them exclusively at the MdC on-line shop: One of the renowned specialities of this French company, on which I obviously want to focus my attention, is the shaving soap. A traditional wet shave with the Martin de Candre shaving soap is a fantastic, great, marvellous experience. This amazing soap is housed in a beautiful 170 g glass round pot, with an aluminium lid and a Kraft labelling. It is also available in a small 50 g travelling pot and in a more sturdy wood bowl. For those who want more the factory offers even some limited edition, elegant, decorated glass bowls in different shapes. The price of this soap is high: € 34 for the standard 170 g pot, € 22.50 for the small 50 g pot, € 48.50 for the wood bowl and prices between € 15 and € 26 for the limited edition glass bowls. The good thing is that this soap is economic to use: in a few seconds and with a few swirls your brush is very well loaded. Therefore, I suppose, a 170 g pot should last over a year, with daily use. The scent is a fresh, unique and nice mix of lavender, mint and rosemary. A strong fragrance that sticks around during the whole shaving process. A real pleasure. Like other top shelf soaps (Cella, Valobra or Tabac) the latherability is exceptional, truly. With no effort you can easily build up a beautiful, creamy and dense lather. And what a lather! Super slick, super moisturizing, super rich. It sticks very well to the skin and my DE razor just glides wonderfully all over my face. After the shave I feel great. The overall quality and performance of this fabulous French product is, again, simply incredible. And what is really amazing is that this soap is a very simple soap, with only six ingredients listed! So how is all this possible? Where is the trick? Here is my answer: the exclusive use of pure and selected ingredients, the care in the manufacturing process and the desire to offer the very best, maintaining live the original formulas and working methods of the great European Master soap makers of the past. MdC shaving soap, proudly produced in the ancient style is, in conclusion, a true gem: 100% natural, expensive but economic to use, very easy to lather, very comfortable to shave with. Or, if you prefer, Martin de Candre shaving soap is simply one of the finest soaps available on the market today.
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    Great review Marco!

    I didn't get that scent when I tried it myself but I do have to agree, the performance is there!!
  3. Excellent review; I'll be ordering some up soon.
  4. Did some one on this forum mention that MDC Would be bringing out a fragrance free soap soon?

    I would be interested in trying this.

    I'm not gone on the smell myself as I thikn it would clash with my splash and balm which I love.
  5. The company confirmed it to members of a French forum and sent them some samples of fragrance-free paste (not dried enough yet) for a beta-test a few weeks ago.

    They now plan to put it in production but as the process of drying the soap takes around 9 months, the final product would not be available until the beginning of next year I guess.
  6. The man doth speak truly indeed, forsooth. Great stuff! :w00t::thumbup1:
  7. So, that mix of fragrances sounds very familiar......does this stuff smell like Nancy Boy shaving cream?
  8. No, not in the least. In fact, I'm surprised to hear that the same notes are in this soap. For lack of a better word it has a much more "medicinal" quality to it than NB. MdC's scent to me is more reminiscent of the scent of fresh linen than anything else.
  9. Wonderful review Marco! Thank you :thumbup1: I need to get another soap :biggrin1:
  10. It is one of my three favorite soaps .. wonderful but with very high shipping charges .. I recommend purchasing group .. :thumbup:
  11. The fragance free soap is being tested now, I hope that I can say more soon.

    It was a french user, some months ago who ask Martin de Candre about a new version of the soap without scent because he has a reaction with the fragance. In this way Martin de Candre starts the production of the new unscented version.

    I am waiting for an unscented soap to come here, I will tell you soon about it
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  12. Great review Marco, I enjoy this soap too, it's one of my favs. I think the price is fair because it has a great perfomance without only a small amount of soap. My travel size jar is almost full after more than 6 months of use in my rotation....the secret? only a load of 9 seconds with the brush to obtain lather enough
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  13. Thanks for the review Marco....

    Might have to convince SWMBO to give me a little extra this month for the shave expense account! :lol:
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    wonderful review ! the photos match your description,I can almost feel it on my face !! no wonder you look so good in your avatar photo !!
  15. ouch

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    But no tallow. :tongue_sm
  16. :9898::9898::9898::9898::9898::9898:
  17. For the amount of soap you get, I think the price isn't that bad. It's the shipping cost that kills it.
  18. I wouldn't take that bet.
  19. While some things are certainly priced higher than they should be, believe it or else sometimes you actually do get what you pay for. Imho, MdC is one of these items.

    Enjoy your Williams shaves. :tongue_sm
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    I waited until I got home to read it....needed to get my popcorn and Red Vines to enjoy this beauty.

    Great review Marco. Bravisimo!

    You're English is excellent by the way.

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