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  1. I recently tried several Mama Bear's soaps and what a bargain! I would put them up against anything on the market at any price. I used them with both badger and boar brushes and couldn't believe how fast they make a boatload of lather. Very creamy, slick and the scents are wonderful! Nothing leaves my face feeling better. If you haven't tried one, put Mama Bear's on your must-have list.

    Also, as many others on B & B have mentioned, Sue is a pleasure to do business with.
  2. Their sticks are great also.
  3. I may have to try some, any scents of theirs smell particularly good?
  4. I have tried three:
    1. Dragon Blood -- a warm spicy scent
    2. Ye Olde Barbershop -- another warm and familiar scent
    3. Lime Ice -- strong citrus and menthol; exceptionally cooling when you rinse after shaving.

    They all are terrific. I'm sorry I cannot describe the scents better but they complex, yet delicious.
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  5. Waaaaaay over rated imho . as always ymmv .
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    I have been doing a personal Mama Bear's SS week(after completing a QCS week) and must admit that I had forgotten about their ease of lathering combined w/ their wonderful shot of olfactory goodness makes for sublime shaves. thankfully, my Chubby 2 in best and the Rudy Vey 2011 B&B LE have not forgotten! I have had some of my all time best lathers during this week of shaving.

  7. the sandalwood/vanilla is safe pick for anyone looking to get into mama bears.
  8. As an owner of 40 Mama Bears soaps I heartily agree it's one of the best!
  9. moses, i know ymmv but i'm wondering what was lacking in its rating, at least in your experience of it?

    the scents are wonderful, loads easily into badger, provides slickness and cushion, rinses off easily, leaves skin feeling moisturized, stable, easy to build lather...
  10. I recently ordered a couple of tubs for myself as I was buying some holiday gifts for relatives. For allergy reasons, I have to stick with her essential oil soaps (synthetic fragrance and I do NOT mix). I purchased Marauders Citrus and Amyris EO. Unfortunately it turns out I have an allergy to Amyris oil.... sigh... so I gave that one to a buddy (he's enjoying it) . That Marauders Citrus is real nice if you like bay rum and it blends surprisingly well with tangerine oil. Very subtle. and pleasant. I'm also finishing a tub of Caribbean EO that you can't get anymore. Two thumbs up for Mama Bear!
  11. Mama Bear makes some really great fragrances and Sue's customer service is tops. That said, I would recommend that people buy samples of the soaps they want to try before getting the whole puck/stick. Some times a particular scent may have a stinging effect on your skin while other scents do not (as was the case with me). But I have to emphasize that they all lather extremely well. Plus, you get to try a whole bunch of different soaps when you order samples.
  12. +1
  13. +1

    I have Ye Olde Barbershoppe and Spellbound Woods, the scents are beyond words and I love them, but both sting and burn the hell out of my face if I face lather, bowl lathering and then brushing it on doesn't seem to bother me. With that said, I can't seem to get a good shave from MB soaps, I mix it up and it's beautiful, thick, slick and by all accounts perfect lather, then I proceed to brush it on and start shaving and bam..halfway through the first pass it dries up, I have to keep re-lathering my face every half pass or it starts skipping and dragging and tears me up. I want to love these soaps because they smell so damn good, but I'm at a loss.
  14. Yes, they are excellent soaps. I have Sandalwood/Vanilla and Ye Old Barbershoppe.
  15. I agree, they smell wonderful but I cannot for the life of me get a lasting lather. Any suggestions would be great though.
  16. Great stuff indeed!

  17. If you are getting good lather like shown on MB site, it could be your water quality. Try using distilled water (less than $1 at the big box mart) and see if that makes a difference.
  18. I have MB's Bay Rum and Old Spice scents. The OS scent goes by the pseudonym of Aged Spice. It isn't exactly the same as the OS scent, but it would fool someone not intimately familiar with it.

    I may have to pick up her Apple Stuffed French Toast and Ye Olde Barbershop soap.........
  19. I just ordered a puck of her EO unscented (in which I may add a couple splashes of Conk Bay Rum). I'm leery of purchasing scented soaps via the internet, as some scents that others love are a brutal olfactory assault that leaves me with watering eyes and a migraine. I have high hopes for it, and I might keep a bottle of distilled water in the den to help out with the lather capabilities.
  20. I love the Cedarwood/Lemon and without a doubt my absolute favorite is Autumn Lodge. Smells of apple cider and spices. Great stuff.

    Her soaps are great. Do try the samples though, great way to find what you like.


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