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Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by michiganlover, Jul 11, 2012.

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  2. Hope not. =( Really like her products, at least the 5 I own.
  3. I'm gonna miss her soap, it's been way too long since I ordered. I've been trying to use up some of the stuff I already have.
  4. That came out of nowhere. If true, that's a sad thing indeed. A very respected woman, and many here are fans of her offerings. Take care Sue, and don't be a stranger!
  5. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    Sad news indeed. All I can say is "Thank you, Sue!"
  6. Sad, sad news. I wonder if she will maintain a store front...
  7. Sue I hope you reconsider. John thanks for the heads up I placed an order.
  8. That sucks... I just ordered a bunch of mama bear soaps as I have heard they are awesome and I like to support small business.
  9. Is she still taking orders? Have been meaning to buy some.
  10. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Farewell Sue.
  11. I just placed a small order ...
  12. I hope she decides to sell her existing stock. I loved her Brute scented soap. Tis very sad news indeed.
  13. Wow...that's terrible news. I know that Sue's products are well regarded here at B&B. I wish her the best.
  14. Wow how unfortunate!!
  15. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Wow that is out of the blue, especially after she posted this on 5 July:
    Hope it is not true.
  16. It appears to me that the Facebook page is closing, but there is no such indication that I can find on the website (

    Perhaps I am overlooking something, or perhaps ordering from website will remain possible.
  17. I'm sorry to see her site go down. I did my best to support her efforts the past two years.
  18. Aaaaaaah! I just discovered her soap and it's my hands down favourite. Thanks for the heads-up, I ordered up half a dozen tubs. Not enough to get me through a shavepocalypse, but enough to keep me going until she hopefully is able to get back online.
  19. Seems like the kind of thing she'd let us know about herself, doesn't it?
  20. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    That's what I was thinking as well. Maybe someone hacked her facebook?

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