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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by hurricanefalcon, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. I read that you can add your own scent to unscented soaps by melting and then stirring it in. My girlfriend loves the smell of my old spice deodorant. Would it be possible to get this scent into the soap by adding body wash and letting it resolidify?
  2. The short answer is yes if you are talking "melt and pour" but you may also alter the performance of the soap. For any other soap rebatching or milling will do the trick.

    Al raz.
  3. how do you mill a soap?
  4. same here but my girlfriend loves davidoff cool water. so i melted my vdh deluxe and added a couple spritzes of the cologne. smells terrible at first but it now smells better. ill post back when it solidifies and i try a shave with it.
  5. There are a bunch of instructional videos on the web but this is the basic idea .

    I would NOT recommend adding alcohol-based products to your soap, stearic acid can turn into a gel in the presence of ethanol under the right conditions.

    Al raz.

  6. just used my newly remelted and frangranced vdh deluxe. the fragrance didnt take. i dont smell the original scent as strong but the cologne that i added isnt there very strong either. unless you can figure out how to make a fragrance stick strongly, i would not recommend melting vdh.

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