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  1. I may have mentioned before that I have MS - it's nowhere near as bad as everyone thinks when I say that, but I have some problems with my left arm and leg. Anyway, after speaking with my neurologist a few weeks back she's arranged for a physiotherapy evaluation and a fitting for a splint that'll stop me tripping on the office carpet.

    The physiotherapist visited this morning (I'm officially disabled so get home visits whether I want them or not), a trim young woman in her twenties who had me lie on the bed and bent my arms and legs all shapes :001_smile After that she wanted to see my shower facilities (turn that funky music off - this isn't that sort of story), because of my balance issues when my eyes are closed.

    Now I'm not ashamed to show off my bathroom, I spend so much time in there since I took up DE shaving the place is spotlessly clean and tidy. There was just a moment where she looked at my shaveden corner and her jaw literally dropped as her eyes moved up and down taking in the array of razors, brushes, soaps, creams and aftershaves.

    She didn't say anything but I suspect my medical records will soon include 'obsessive compulsive' :biggrin1:
  2. A shaving OCD is nothing to be ashamed of. My wife thinks I have the same thing. She wonders if the last razor that I bought will be the last one. It is impressive that you got that reaction. Who knows how many things she has seen in other peoples house. Seeing a nice collection like yours might not have been what she was expecting. It is unique.

    Please post some pics of your shave den if you don't mind. I know I love to see other peoples collection.

  3. should have offered her a leg shave
  4. :lol::lol:
  5. Thing is my den's nowhere near as impressive as many I've seen on here. Which may have been the reason the men in white coats are still at bay.
  6. It might not be all that impressive YET, but just wait. The guys in white coats are gonna be turned loose on you eventually!
  7. :a5:
  8. brianw

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    A Den of any size weather it be 1 razor or 60 or if your like some on here impressive... Post a Pic would love to see it
  9. and then a splash of Clubman Bay Rum to really get her hot!!
  10. Hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have co-ordination issues? And do you have sensory problems I.e. no feeling in certain areas, as I have had an old acquaintance questioned being able to shave (cartridge goo etc.) with MS (as currently his wife does it for him....), although he has injections that were excrusciatingly painful, and causes loss of feeling in limbs etc., but his is bad... it's like anything I guess, everyones symptoms are different??

    MS is where the miolin sheaths fray isn't it?

    Sorry if my questions seem nosy....

    Oh and next time persuade her to give you a spongebath.... :D

  11. That is awesome! I actually laughed after I finished reading that.:w00t:
  12. It's OK - asking questions is better than people just assuming I'm on death's door.

    So far mine's not been too bad - I was diagnosed in 2002 after an initial attack that paralysed my left arm and the left side of my face - it returned to normal after a month or so.

    Up until two years ago I was stable, no progression and fairly mild relapses. I've had issues with myoclonic twitch, but recently I've had problems with loss of propriocentris and my left leg... I can't tell how far off the floor it is and trip quite a bit when it catches on the ground. Strangest one I've had so far was double vision in my left eye - anything at a distance appeared as two vertically separated images but only in that one eye.

    My late brother had a far more severe case that took everything, though he held on for almost thirty years. I think of Phil if I ever start feeling sorry for myself.
  13. As she'd just been measuring the tremor in my hands I don't think she'd have taken me up on the offer :001_smile
  14. If I were you I'd be worrying. She's probably filling out a Patriot Act form as we type. You'll get put on *that* list!
  15. Thankyou, most interesting, lots of people get myoclonic jerks (thats the falling sensation IIRC?), but didn't realise it was involved with MS, but logic dictates any spasm would be involved. Your symptoms are most odd, and something many would dismiss out of hand if they were older or even as a stroke.... Bet shaving with your face paralised is not easy.

    Thanks for your candidness :D

    BTW, sorry about your brother.

  16. Thats ok, he's fine from being thought a terrorist, those guys don't shave..... Or is this a different list?
  17. I may be on the list already... I've a criminal conviction for 'Welsh language activities' - we were young, we had a tractor, we towed away an English road sign and threw it in the sea :001_smile
  18. Clearly she had just caught sight of your Fattie, which I'm sure you were displaying prominently. :ihih:

    Hope you're managing your MS with good spirits.

  19. What a great line. Honestly, anything that starts with "we were young, we had a tractor" is likely to end brilliantly. :thumbup:
  20. T_M


    I think I smell a special, custom handle (title?) Moderators?


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