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  1. Gentlemen - (excuse me) And Ladies-
    I have been wondering if anyone knows of a product that will soften facial hair. The reason I ask is I like to wear a goatee and when I keep it trimmed my wife complains because the hairs are pointy and they irritate her skin.
    Since i can't have that i have quit wearing a goatee but was wondering if there is another route to consider...
    thanks for the help.
  2. this may be of no help, but here it is...

    when I have 3 days or more of growth to shave...I follow a tip that I got from one of marks videos...I put conditioner on my facial hair while in the shower and then rinse it off before I seems to make the hair easier to I would imagine you could try this to soften your goatee hairs...?

    maybe this helps?
  3. you mean your goatee was spiky even when long????
    if so, you might try with a hair tonic. I haven't try any myself, but a friend of mine says it works with his goatee.

    I'm unsure how you should use it, but you'll find the instructions on the bottle.

    Hope it helps.
  4. I'm not sure you can do much about that - you're physically cutting the hairs at certain length. You can soften the hair itself, but the scratchiness is due to the sharp edge left behind on the hair.
  5. Yep it's all about the angle at which they are cut. I don't recommend it but I've seen an advert where Veet say their foam doesn't leave the hairs cut at an angle. Maybe try something like that, or the hair conditioner is your best bet if you ask me.
  6. jlu


    This is how I understand it also. One thing you can do, although I personally have not tried it, is trim your goatee the way high end hair stylists cut hair by using a comb/straight razor combo to cut your goatee instead of clippers. This is supposed to give a better angle on the ends of the hair, also causing fewer split-ends, from what I understand. If someone can shed more light on this, please feel free.

  7. I've grown a full beard on a few occasions (while on leave) and I always use conditioner on it the same way I do my hair and it seemed to make the beard a bit softer overall. Probably your only real option. It's worth a shot.

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