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  1. Hi all...

    On Saturday, I made a field trip to Maggard's Razors in Adrian Michigan. If you are ever in the area (about an hour outside of Ann Arbor), I highly recommend going. It is one thing to purchase great products online, but when you go to Maggard's they have a ton of stuff right on site. You can pickup and touch all of the razors, smell soaps…etc.

    When I was there Cassie was in the shop and was super-friendly and really knows her stuff. I ended p with a new DE (Maggard's own brand), a few soaps, some blades, a sampler of pre-shave oils and a bottle of Cat-o-nine-tails aftershave. Prices were great too!!


  2. Hi Ron, maybe you got a glimpse of my Wade & Butcher straight that's waiting in line to be restored. :laugh:

    The waiting is killing me.
  3. I always thought Maggard was exclusively in Canada. Interesting to know they've got a location stateside. I might have to check them out some day, just as long as this Buckeyes fan doesn't have to get too close to Ann Arbor. ;-P
  4. Ordered my first DE gear from them. Insanely fast shipping and products.
  5. They are based in Adrian, Michigan and live and work there.

    Ron-I am envious of your trip to the store! Casie & Brad are great folks to deal with!!
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  6. I've got my military barber great grandfather's Dubl Duck Gold Edge waiting in line for a restoration. Can't wait. It'll be my first straight razor shave.
  7. Maggards appears to be trending a bit at present - are they new? why the sudden interest on B&B? up until recently I'd never heard of them before.
  8. More of just discovered. It's a local business, legit and honest people who make a good living. It's also a husband and wife, they do great work together. Their razors are affordable yet solid. The M1, at just $16 is fantastic..

    It's some good, fairly priced gear.

  9. I had not heard of them before until I came across a posting on Reddit where someone was saying they were going to the store in Michigan. This caught my attention, so I checked out their site….and subsequently decided to go to their store in Adrian.

    I have to say that it was great to see all of the stuff in person and to be able to smell the complete Trumper line of items. They focus a lot on soaps instead of creams (it appears) and I picked up a couple of pucks of Petal Pushing Fancies soap, along with the other things I bought. I definitely intend on visiting again.
  10. Great people and brad has been restoring razors for a couple years now
  11. Nice folks, Cassie and Brad. It's always a treat opening their packages to find little goodies they pack in extra.
  12. Amen!
  13. Just found their site last week after mention here on B&B. Looks like a fantastic samples spot. And they sell empty cream tubs; TOBS tub works very well for my new MWF puck.
  14. To be honest, I thought the same thing at first! Their logo is what fooled me!
  15. I bought a restored John Barber from Brad quite a few years ago. It's a great razor. I've still got it in my collection. It's good to see Brad take the leap into becoming a full time razor and shaving retailer. I hope he does well.
  16. It has to do with the local high school.... The Adrian Maples

    Brad has had his shop for a little over a year now and keeps growing. I did see the queue for restorations when I was there a couple of weeks ago :( Sorry guys but he is popular. And, he works full time at another job. Casie is busy doing inventory and shipping. They are good people. I wish I had more time to get over there and help him out on some of his restorations and honing...
  17. I placed an order with them today and expected it would be a day or 2 before shipping and 30 minutes after I placed the order it had already shipped and had tracking numbers! Now if only amazon could get with the program on my new razor.
  18. Placed an order yesterday for a huge sample of blades. Great price and an hour later it was shipped!
  19. Didn't know brad has a store. Cool
  20. I actually caught wind of them through the mustache and blade podcast that HTGAM puts on.

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