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  1. Has anyone tried one of the Maggard safety razors made in Canada? They claim to be equally as good as an Edwin Jagger. Last, does anyone know if Edwin Jagger makes a long handle razor?
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  2. People seem to like Maggard razors, so I just bought a MR1 as a loaner for potential DE converts. I shaved with it yesterday and today. Overall quality is just a shade below EJ, but performs very well and somewhat less aggressive. Don't think you can go wrong for the price; and if you didn't like it, there's a buyer for just about anything on the BTS forum.

    I've been solely using an EJ89L for about a year and have been very happy with it. EJ89 handle is 85mm. Not sure if they make one longer. Maybe their website has specs?
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  3. The Maggard MR20 was the razor I started out with a couple of months ago. The handle is a little longer than the EJ89L and I think on their site they show comparisons of their handle lenghts with each other as well as with the DE89. I am not sure if the DE89 comes with different length handles. In how the DE89 compares to my Maggard (I got the 89L when it was on sale for $25) I have to say I think it is about the same, sometimes I think the DE89 is a little more aggressive but YMMV as others have mentioned the opposite. To be honest I don't think that you can go wrong either way.
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    I have several Maggard razors, think they're great
  5. Up until I found this thread, I don't recall ever hearing about these razors.
  6. I believe (but am not sure) that you can put a Maggard handle on an EJ razor.

    Another longish handle is the Tech fat handle (my personal favorite).

    Maggard's open comb is a duplicate of the Cadet/Matador/Pearl, I believe.
  7. Maggard does not offer an open comb. Also, they use a maple leaf logo, but they are located in Michigan and their razors are manufactured in southeast Asia.
  8. Right on......and they are not re-branded Cadet's, etc.

    I use a Maggard MR1 a lot. I can't think of a better way to spend $16.00. Excellent quality and great shaves. Brad and Casie are also great to deal with.


  9. I've got an MR20 that I bought back when they first started selling them, and for the money I'd say it's a home run. Performance-wise I'd say it's as good as the EJ head, but the general fit and finish are noticeably lower quality, as you'd expect for roughly half the price. My head has some mold issues and plating inconsistencies, neither of which affect the shave, but considering how little it cost I don't have a problem with that.

    I'd have no problem recommending them to someone looking to get started who didn't want to spend as much as the EJ but wanted something nicer and more substantial than the Lord L6.
  10. I have an MR1 and find it to be the real deal. Good quality and a fine shaver for a great price. What more can you ask for?
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    My experience with Maggard has been totally positive. Great service, nice product, very fair pricing. In my book, the handle is the best part of the deal. Even if you never use the head, the MR1 handle is easily worth the price of the razor. But don't get me wrong, the head is fully acceptable. For me, a razor is a tool, not a collectable. As a shaving tool, the Maggard is more than adequate. Maybe the manufacturing detail is not in the same league as the German razors, but it's very usable. I thought it was similar to my Merkur 34HD -- a touch more aggressive than my Muhle R89.
  12. The folks at Maggard are great people.
  13. I've never shaved with a Maggard however I have bought some soaps from them. Awesome merchant! Their customer service is A-1.
  14. Whoops, my mistake re: open comb. I think that's the 2nd time I've made the same mistake. :blushing:
  15. I have a MR18 which I really like. Has a longer handle weighs 64g and head weighs 35g. Shaves very smoothly.
    I have to say, Casie was super helpful in replying to questions prior to purchase. I would not hesitate to buy anything from them.
  16. Thanks, I'll look that up on the EJ site.
  17. Thank you!
  18. Never thought the Canadians should own a monopoly on the Maple Leaf. We even have Maple trees in California.
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    I don't think the EJ handle is 85mm. More like 80. Not positive, and I'm on a plane right now so I can't measure. I think the Weber Classic handle is a little over 85mm.

    The Muhle Grande has a longer handle.


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