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  1. Hello Members

    I came acros a website maggard razors and was looking to the safety razors and comepair them to the parker and the merkur.
    the material looks solid firm and of good quility.
    how good is this razor.
    any experience here.
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  2. The razor itself is pretty nice. I have two of them. The heads are all the same but handles are different. Comparable to a EJ89 or similar and are slightly more aggressive than a gillette tech (IMO). Half the price of a EJ89 though. The only downside I quibble with is blade alignment. It is a bit more hands on but once the blade is aligned you are good to go. It looks like the head posts (where the blades go over) have a bit of slop to them. This should not dissuade you from buying as they are a nice razor for the money.
  3. I liked mine. I ended up using the handle for a gillette new deluxe, but the razor itself was decent. Probably my favorite modern razor in that price range.
  4. Great people to work with. Decent razor. It is a lower end one and I don't like it quite as much as my EJ98 or 34c, but they are good for the price.
  5. I have an MR1. As others have stated, they are a great bang for the buck. Brad and Casie are great to deal with too.

    You do need to make sure you have the blade aligned. Not a big deal, just don't forget to watch it.

  6. I have the MR1 and I really like it. For the price it is a great razor.
  7. I have the MR10, and it's my preferred razor. Not saying much for a newbie, I know, but I like it better than my Merkur 33c and the Gilette FatBoy.
  8. The Maggard's are wonderful folks. They are a great company to deal with. Highly recommended.
  9. +100
  10. I have an MR6. I love the handle and use it on my other razors all the time. They're a fantastic value for the money and I never hesitate to recommend them to others.
  11. It's been great for me. I have the MR1. Like someone else mentioned, you have to be a LITTLE careful when placing a blade, but once it's in it is in. The head has more tolerance than some of the other companies, which is how they are able to offer the razor at such a low cost. Also, the materials are the same as almost all the "modern" safety razors, so that is not a concern. AND, they are GREAT to work with. They even have options to choose your own blades/soaps/creams for samplers, which is great in my opinion.

    The only "issue" I've found is that their inventory seems to come and go a bit. But if they have it in stock, it will ship within 24 hours. They are that fast, and very easy to work with.

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