Made a razor display case, give me your thoughts!!

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  1. I been wanting to do this for awhile, and most of the thanks can go to my father. He helped me create the template for all the shoulder screws to go. This is a shadowbox i bought at a local crafts store. It already had hinges on it and closed with magnets. We pulled out the back piece of Styrofoam and replaced it with a decent quarter inch piece of wood. Then stretched a piece of felt over the board, inserted the board into the back...and sunk some hanging anchors.

    My question to you all, would some of you be willing to buy something like this? I was thinking of mass producing these, giving people the option of woodframe, or black like ill be showing. Also giving the option of felt color. The case will display 14 razors (2 week rotation) 5 on each side, and 4 in the middle. The only thing i would plan on changing is instead of stretching the felt around the wood, glueing down the felt so i can make the back look a bit better. Right now the back is a bit ugly, you can see where i stretched the felt across and whatnot. Anyways...let me know

    Right now I only have 5 razors (one on the way), but i look forward to filling this up.
    Here you can see that i inserted some rubber weather guard stripping down over the frame. The only reason i did this is because i will be keeping my case in the bathroom and dont want too much moisture getting in.
    And heres a closeup of the handle that did not come with this. The shadowbox was designed to be opened from right to left. I decided i wanted this laid out in landscape style...bought the handle cheap at a hardware store and sunk it in with some screws.

    There you have it :001_smile
  2. That is awesome sir!!!! Excellent work that acts as a fine display and a place to hold your razors in one....I'd like one of those.
  3. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    that looks pretty good!
  4. Great case and a conversation piece to boot!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, like i seriously thinking about producing some of these to peoples preferences to sell.
  6. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Nice display case!
  7. Nice job! If I had a bunch of straight razors I'd be interested.
  8. Well done!
  9. Well get some more so i can sell you one of these bad boys :biggrin:
  10. Very well done! :thumbup:
  11. Well done lad! Looks like a fine piece of craftsmanship:ihih:
  12. Quite handsome! If I had a larger collection I would certainly order one.

    Have you put a note in the B/S/T forum?
  13. Well done! Excellent work!
  14. Not yet, im throwing around the idea right now. Im thinking of taking pictures of the fabric, and giving people the choice of choosing the felt color. I have to get together the materials first. At that point ill build a few and sell them one at a time to the first poster.

    Thanks again for all the praise, im happy you all like it. Its awesome to walk in the bathroom and see all my blades displayed proudly. As opposed to sitting in the medicine cabinet
  15. Looks great. The hooks may be less visible if painted that same color as the backing felt. I feel they draw attention away from the lovely blades as they are now
  16. That's really cool.
    Well done sir.
  17. They kinda do draw some attention away from it. What i did was buy some rubber coating spray that im test running on some screws right now to see how it turns out. For now though i do somewhat enjoy the gold color in contrast to the navy felt. YMMV, but if the rubber spray works well im sure i could incorporate it into any orders i took in the future. Thanks for that feedback!
  18. very nice... I like !
  19. May I touch your display Sir?:drool:
  20. That is nice! After all, what is the idea with a collection if you cannot show it off properly for people to admire? A real work of art. :001_wub:

    However, I do wonder if it would not have been better making air able to flow through it freely to reduce moisture than adding that moisture protection barrier? The reason is quite simply that even if you dry your blades properly after a shave, I guess you would open the case in a moist bathroom thus introducing wet, moist air into the case that cannot get out once you close it. I might be completely wrong, since I do not know much about those things at all, it was just a thought.

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