(Mac owners) Apple to issue software to remove "Backdoor Flashback N" trojan

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    Wait a second ... isn't one of the appeals of Apple products is that they aren't vulnerable to malware? :innocent:
  2. No one, including Apple, ever claimed this.
  3. http://www.apple.com/why-mac/better-os/

    "It doesn’t get PC viruses.

    A Mac isn’t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers. That’s thanks to built-in defenses in Mac OS X that keep you safe, without any work on your part."

    Oh. It can't get PC viruses.
  4. Apple may never have claimed this. But millions of cult like users have for years. :redface-new:
  5. i :001_wub: my Mac...
  6. professorchaos

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    Oh my ... That's as fatuous as advertising that you (human) can't get (plant) viruses.

  7. I don't see that statement as fatuous. OSX cannot be infected by PC viruses, it's a pretty straight forward statement. Comparing humans vs plants and operating system A vs operating system B is a much larger jump.

    I'm pretty surprised at the responses from people about this virus. Many people seem to jump to the conclusion that one effective virus=apple sucks. The flashback virus requires users to enter their admin password as it fakes being a Flash update. Any OS is only as secure as the people using it. If people are installing random software/updates that they didn't seek out and aren't from the company itself or a trusted source then it's the user that's the issue not the software. Plus it can only affect Macs that run Java, if you don't use Java there are no worries.

  8. Um, wow. I think you are taking this a little too seriously. And nobody said "virus=apple sucks".

  9. Sorry, I didn't mean on this specific forum. I was referring to the general tone on a number of news sites and tech sites that I've read the comments on. I should have been more clear on that.
  10. professorchaos

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    I'm just giving Apple users a hard time ... :shifty: believe me, I have issues with Microsoft and (especially) Oracle.
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  11. Thanks, I was just about to enter it through terminal. This was much easier.

    EDIT: BTW I'm cool.
  12. No problem guys. Its always important to be savvy to the ways your computer can be infected. OSX and any operating system for that matter is susceptible to attacks. Until recently, it hasn't been worth anyones while to create viruses for Mac computers. The nature of how OSX works makes it harder to infect, but as we see here, its possible.

    To prevent most things that pop up, do a few smart things:
    -have a separate admin account. Name it "admin" or something easy like that, and give it a separate password. Set all other accounts to normal. You don't need to login with the admin account. Just enter the admin credentials when installing programs, deleting files etc.
    -download and run a virus checker. I've never found anything, but it can't hurt. ClamAV is a good one that you can get free online, or straight from the app store.
    -install a stop script addon to your browser. I do this on any PC I run, but it can't hurt on a Mac too, given the recent JAVA vunerability. These addons stop java scripts from running on websites. If you visit a website where you want to allow java, just hit a button on the addon to add the site to your "safe list". You could also set your browser to not ever run java script if you want to go that route.
    -be smart - don't click on ad banners or anything that looks "too good to be true".
  13. Not in my case. I used PCs since they came out. I used every version of Windows since Microsoft came out with it. I learned first hand what was wrong with that system, from the point of view of a non-computer guy--just someone who needed word processing, internet use, and a few other programs. I bought my first Mac about a year ago and will never consider going back.
  14. Why is your Mac so superior? I am not taunting you, but honestly curious because I only do simple things on my computer as well (internet, word, listening to music, etc.).....nothing too fancy. I have never had a problem with Windows. I know some people use Mac for graphic design and making beats because apparently they have programs and such not available for Windows. But like I said, for the simple stuff I do, my PC works fine. As for viruses, never had a problems with them.....I just keep my antivirus updated.

    What is so appealing about Macs for such simple tasks (they cost at least 2 times as much!)
  15. beginish

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    For me, I just find macs easier to use. It feels more intuitive. I hear Windows is like night and Day compared to the days of 95, etc. I'm not looking to change, though.
  16. I think the design alone is worth the premium. Apple products look classy and like works of art.
  17. Not trying to mimic the corporation's ad slogans, but it just works. I did have problems with malware on PCs, both at work and at home, and one of my teenagers' PCs had repeated and expensive problems with that (almost impossible to avoid with teenagers). Everything seems faster and the transition from PC to Mac took about two days to feel seamless. The most complicated Apple program I use, and the only one I had to pay for, is Aperture 3, and that meets my needs. Ultimately, the feeling that I had to worry less (not completely) about malware and had a company that clearly cares about its customers' ease of use was worth the price difference.

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