Losing 10 bristles a shave, need new brush

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  1. My only brush, a Parker best badger, is losing bristles like crazy. I've owned it for a month, and have done my best to take of it. I was looking at the boar brushes, and they seem to be pretty good. What would be a good boar brush for under $20? Also, I'm looking for a stiffer brush, but it seems like boar brushes are usually stiff anyways, from what I've read.
  2. Stick a TGN 2 band Finest in it. Check the brush and brush restoration forums.
  3. I've considered putting a new knot in it, but I wanted a stiffer brush anyways, so I thought now would be a good time to get one.
  4. Hair loss will stop. Don't worry. On the other hand, why not try a boar.
  5. When I first bought the brush, it lost some bristles, and then it stopped for a few weeks. Now it's back to losing them, and faster then ever.
  6. I say pick up a Semogue if you're looking to replace it with a boar, and my vote would go to the 1800. Last I checked, they were $18 and change from vintagescent.com.
  7. IF it's only a month old, they should replace it for you free of charge.
  8. HAHAHAHHAHAHA Tell that to D.R. Harris and Co. I bought a new brush from them 2 years ago when I visited London and it did the same thing. Notified them within a month, paid a fortune to send the brush to them only to have them send it back (I swear they overnighted it it seemed) saying they could find no fault with the brush (again, I don't how they had it long enough to test it). Amazingly, I tried it again and lo and behold, I lose an average of 5 hairs every time I use that brush. Since they won't be honest and tell me who manufactures their brushes (yes, I asked), I refuse to do business with them at all and tell anyone I can of my experience. Unfortunately, I assume it's a british made brush which has meant that I have avoided all british made brushes for fear of getting another one.
  9. I honestly don't want to replace it though. It's not stiff or scrubby, and that's what I want.
  10. Pretty much any Omega or Semogue boar brush is a good bet.
    West Coast Shaving is having a thing going on that if you get a Semogue brush your entire order ships free..so one could snag a couple of other things if one was inclined to.

    I think it requires a coupon code..but I forgot what it was. :p
  11. I got a VDH cheap Pure Badger. Works amazingly, I have tried some nicer Badger brushes, and it is nice, it holds up well in performance. I got some Boar brushes, but I still like that Badger.

    That being said, it has been shedding regularly throughout my whole time using it. Sure I'll get a shave only losing 1-2 hairs, but all too often I'm picking Badger hairs out of the lather, sometimes out of the lather on my face unfortunately.
    For this cheap of a price, I figure I've gotten 2-3 months of use and can still use it, just with a bit of annoyance. But I have to say, someone sent me their USED Omega Boar (cheapo I believe the 98? The really big one) and it hasn't lost one hair.

    So I guess it took no break-in and was very cheap, but it sure didn't last long at all. I don't know why to keep anything, I am trying a Pure Badger from Whippeddog on order because I miss my VDH and thought most of the finest badgers I've tried I didn't like. I don't think the handle has anything to it really, maybe some sentimental value? How much is a handle? I would think a brand-new brush would be easier?

    For the same price as these entry-level badgers, I'm not sure what to get, I can say after 2 Omega Boars they are getting a lot of use and my VDH is only getting used once every few days to get a chance to shed now, I like the boars a lot. That or I think I would go for a QUALITY pure badger brush, it might be a little more expensive, but if it only lasts a few months then it's not worth anything anyways.
  12. Just out of curiosity, have you tried any higher grade badgers? I thought mine was soft too....and it is, but there is a lot of softer brushes, and boars seem to feel nice to me obviously.

    I would just say I tried only pure badger (between my brush and a friend's) and I really didn't know what softer was until I tried another one. I think it doesn't pick up soap as well, but the finest-grade I tried felt much softer on the face. Only then did I find pure badger to have any scritch, and I still don't mind it, just never realized it before.
  13. The parker brush I'm talking about in this thread is the only brush I own.
  14. Semogue 1305/SOS cherry----22.00/27.00 vintage scent---Target has some new model they re selling 10.00 from what i hear
  15. StuMcB

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    Scrubby and scritchy? Semogue 620
  16. Semogue 1438!
  17. That's really sad. I actually like D.R. Harris products. I love their soaps. Too bad they have that kind of customer service.
  18. I think you'd be shocked at how "entry-level" it is in regards to having scritch. I would try a good Boar brush from Omega (very cheap) or a Pure Badger from a company like Omega that is known to make good brushes (this may be a bit over $20).
  19. Odd! My $2.45 Turkish #6 has lost less than 20 hairs in the past year of daily use. Amazing what a value it is.

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