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  1. My container of Nivea is almost gone and I'm looking for something in a little more of a bulk situation.
    Currently, I'm looking at Lucky Tiger Soothing Menthol Vanishing Creme and Lubriderm 3-1 in the pump. I can get the Lubriderm locally and the Lucky Tiger is online.
    Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!
  2. My friend

    I am a fan of Thayers with hazel , the Rose. It has an aloe vera, which actually is a great cheap after shave.
    I recommend Kiehls as a great body lotion.
    The Creme De Corps for winter.
    The lighter one for summer.
    I am 60 now, have been through all you have done, including the nivea.
    Also, Kiehls does a nice hair lotion.
    Keihls is a great product.
    More than the nivea, but worth it.

    Nice day
  3. Going from Nivea I don't think you'll like the lucky tiger vanishing cream. It does have a nice menthol kick but it very short lived. I switched from lucky tiger to Nivea and I won't be going back.
  4. Yeah, the vanishing cream is okay. Try the Lubriderm, i like it a lot. I use it as a body lotion, since I have a moisturizer for my face. But I have tried it on my face after shaving and it works very well. You can't go wrong because you get a big pump and you can find it pretty much anywhere. I've been using the Art of Shaving stuff lately. The sandalwood after shave balm is awesome! They have the new sea kelp one too, I'd like to give that a go next.
  5. Before I got into traditional wet shaving and discovered tons of awesome aftershaves and witch hazel, I used only plain Aveeno moisturizer with great success. If I'm honest with myself, it works just as well as any aftershave (save for Thayers Aloe WH and RazoRock 888 AS). It's cheap(-ish) and comes in massive bottles with pump tops, if that's what you need.
  6. My favorite post shave moisturizer after a splash of Skin Bracer or Osage Rub has been Every Man Jack Post Shave Lotion(unscented).Its worked awesome for me,and not greasy and absorbs quickly.
    It contains chamomile, shea butter , and aloe + Vitamin E.Great stuff and is only $4.99 at Target.And you can buy it in Signature Mint scent or scent free.They also have one with SPF 15 sunscreen.The Lubriderm works great as well,but it gave me a sting afterwards for some reason.
  7. Dickinson's Oil-Free Witch Hazel. At $6 for 16 oz. it can't be beat. I got tired of aftershaves making my skin either breakout or become instantly oily after use. I'll never go back to an aftershave after trying the Witch Hazel. Apply it gently with one of those cotton rounds after shaving. Works great for me.
  8. :lol: That is too cool Harry. Melted bear fat. Now there's a product you don't see everyday
  9. Winter - I use the extra heavy Lubriderm. 3-1 in the pump for normal use. Doesn't leave me dry. Keeps the moisture on the face and I have even used it for touch ups after putting my straight away. Add any scent you like afterwards. Best after-shave balm I've found. The ones with scents get old (for me) after a few hits. The Lubriderm is like a blank sheet of paper - it serves as the foundation and you can add the creativity on top or don't add anything at all. It is one of the few items that I've settled on for everyday use. I butterfly around with everything else. FWIW, I use lightly scented Witch Hazel and/or a lightly scented alcohol splash prior to using the Lubriderm.
  10. .....Larry, this product is just calling me.......... i gotta try it......

    ........oh they also have melted badger fat too.........
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  12. Clinique after shave balm is good.

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