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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Z man, May 10, 2012.

  1. I am currently using trumpers sandalwood cologne. I like it very much and will continue to use it.
    Though summer is approaching and I would Like a fresher scent. Any suggestions??? West Indian Limes,
    GFT, Lavender Water, Wellington or ????????
    Thanks for your advice
  2. GFT is one of the longest lasting citrus scents I have come across - great for the summer in my opinion.
  3. GFT pretty awesome. Another good fresh summer scent is Ajaccio Violets, although that is more controversial (some don't care for it, I personally love it). Wild Fern would also do the trick
  4. Thanks for the advice. Does GFT smell like the cream? Anyone ever tried the lavender water? It sounds Like a great scent.
  5. GFT Limes and Lavender Water both smell fantastic, but do not last. Their scents are barely noticable 10-15 mins later.

    I agree with Gary that GFT is an awesome summer scent.
  6. Yes, the GFT cream and the cologne both smell the same.

    I have tried the Lavender water and it does smell great but as Rey mentioned the longevity is very short and for the money I would never recommend it. If you think you would enjoy Lavender you should check out Agua Lavanda or Saint Charles Shave Lavender. Neither of those last very long either but are priced accordingly.
  7. Respectfully, why are you limiting your fresh summer fragrance choice to what Trumpers has to offer? I enjoy some Trumpers products, but surely there are better options available out there. Brand loyalty?
  8. Wellington is great, and very unique.
  9. I'm partial to Wild Fern, but be aware that most Trumpers Colognes don't last anywhere near as long as the Sandalwood one does.
  10. I've tried the Sandalwood cologne and I've found that it doesn't last very long. The Limes lasts maybe 15 seconds then its gone on me. I like the Spanish Leather but I'm not sure if its a summery scent for what you're looking for.
  11. I'll chime in and join the GFT crowd... probably my favorite Trumper scent and really good for summer.
  12. +1 on GFT, fresh and longlasting.
  13. Wellington is my favourite. Astor as well but its not particularly summery.

    GFT is quite nice but not particularly distinctive
  14. The sandalwood cologne used to last all day till Trumpers reformulated it.
  15. I'd go with GFT, none of those fragrances you listed last near as long and GFT seems to have a distinctive musky scent.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried GFT the last 2 days and yes it lasts all day but there is something in it that does not appeal to me. I love sandalwood. It is one of the better scents I have tried. It has joined eau sauvage in my shave arsenal.
    In fact several weeks ago I sprayed egoiste on one hand and trumpers sandalwood on the other. It was no contest. Trumpers sandalwood on my skin was a much deeper and longer lasting fragrance.
    Trumpers wild fern sounds interesting. What does it smell like?
  17. The Wild Fern smells like licorice and faint grass.

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