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  1. Does anyone know of a good pomade or cream that I can use to style my hair that doesn't leave it totally greasy feeling and costs less than $10? I usually either wear my hair parted to the side or just a little messy (elegantly disheveled) on top. I've pretty much given up on gel altogether. Axe has a decent pomade, but I'm wondering if there is anything else out there. Something that will last through out the day, but will wash out with normal shampoo. Thanks in advance.

    p.s.- I'm a white guy, if that matters.
  2. Redken Polish Up. rinses right out. doesn't smell. Doesn't turn pillows yellow etc. NOT greasy.
  3. Cool, Thanks! Do you know anywhere that it is sold?
  4. I use Groom & Clean. It offers great hold without the stiffness of gel or the greasy buildup of Brylcreem, though some people don't like the smell. It can be picked up at any Walmart.
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    Brylcreem or Groom and Clean are what I use. Neither leave my hair greasy feeling.
    Brylcreem keeps my hair looking a bit more.....i dont know how to describe it, but 'damp looking'?
    Groom and Clean is lighter feeling then Brylcreem, but has a more polarizing smell.

    I shower in the morning and again at night, so i dont get any buildup from either.
    Both can be bought at CVS/Walgreens, I recommend trying both.
  6. Pinaud Clubman Styling Gel isn't bad. I use it, but my hair is rather short. They do make a firm hold version, I believe.
  7. I wear my hair parted to the side and slighly messy, and I switched from gel to Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Paste years ago. It gives you a little hold, but leaves your hair completely soft and manageable. No one will be able to tell you have any product in your hair.

    I'd highly recommend it, as it's only $6 and easy to find at Target, CVS, etc.
  8. I'd never tried a drugstore product other than Alberto VO5, which I like, but is certainly oily (after all, it is a blend of 5 oils or something like that) and, while it creates nice shine (especially the silver hair variety), it doesn't do much for hold. I've used Redken, Rofflers, and others that claim to have hold, without being greasy, but none of them really do, and neither do they impart any shine or that slight light reflectance that I like (just a touch, not the old wet-head BS). I tried Brylcreem on a whim, and it works; hold, slight shine, and not horribly objectionable in terms of scent. I'm a white guy with brown hair with silver, and I can't think of anything else that works as well - even for more than $10. I think it's probably the beeswax, myself.
  9. Amazon, Beauty supply store, ebay.
  10. Ok, I know you said $10. I always try to stay in line with pricing requests, as I'm on a strict budget. However, if whatever product you try doesn't end up working, try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream.

    I have longer hair and wanted something just to give a bit of hold and not be greasy, look wet, or feel stiff. This is the best stuff I've found, and a little bit goes a LONG way. You can pick up a smaller jar of it for around $12, I believe. The larger jar I've got is about $20, but I'm guessing it will last me the better part of a year. As an added bonus, the it has a very light, neutral smell that won't clash with cologne or aftershave.
  11. Thanks for all of the insights guys!! Good suggestions.
  12. Read some reviews on American Crew and Layrite.

    Personally I like Dax Wave and Groom & Brylcreem, but those definitely fall into the greasy category.
  13. TIGI S Factor Molding Wax might be exactly what you need. Yes, it is about $20 but I need to explore your pricing assumption to understand how long the unit must last at a $10 threshold? Depending how much you use, the TIGI product might last up to 4 months. That is what i get out of a ball of it. That's $5 a month. Good value for me personally, but value is EXTREMELY personal so I'm not passing judgement sir, just politely challenging to consider what you want for your hard earned dollar.

    So here is my routine: I buy mine at H-E-B in The Woodlands. I put a little bit on my palm. I warm it up by rubbing my palms together, then rub it through my hair. I won't wear a greasy look or a glistening "helmut head." This product makes my hair look dry and has an excellent texturizing property to it. Hope this perspective helps your search!
  14. Mitch - Clean Cut by Paul Mitchell

    I don't guess I've ever mentioned this, but I've been a hairdresser for about 11 years. Mitch is an amazing line of men's products from Paul Mitchell and I highly recommend it.
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  16. Well I don't have any knowledge that is Livon silky potion available there or not..But is not costly and is a nice product...You can apply it after washing your hairs...It is available in India very easily but I don't have any knowledge that is this product available near you or not..
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    After years of looking for thr "Perfect" hair cream. Jack Black, Anthony Logistics, and on, and on. I always end up going back to VO5 by Alberto-Culver. I don't even look anymore. It works for me, and that's good enough.
  18. Would you consider a hair tonic? I like Lucky Tiger 3 purpose in the winter and the Clubman Pinaud in the summer. Both are relatively cheap.
  19. I've never tried a hair tonic. Honestly I don't really even know what it is/does. But I know it's that green stuff on the counter at my barbershop!
  20. American Crew

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