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  1. I am new to DE shaving, currently I have a cheap DE that I bought at Sally Beauty supply. I am getting nice shaves out of it, but also still getting a little irritation. I was wondering if there is a nice razor with a little weight at not a huge cost that could help me out. My skin is very sensitive, and I started looking around for a better shave than cartridges and electrics.
  2. THe Gillette Tech razor is cheap, very easy to find and is a good razor for DE newbies. Seems most guys prefer the "fat handle" model over the "ball end" model but both are good.
  3. Another vote for the Tech or Super Speed.
  4. Yes, vintage Gillette Tech (thin or fat handle) or the vintage Gillette Super Speed (just skip the one with the red tip for now). Both great razors at great prices. Watch the BST on here to get one at a great price (better than Ebay). Enjoy your shave!
  5. How much u looking to spend? the lord for $13 is good, the Feather Tto is good for mid $20's, and EJ89 is good for mid $30's......
  6. Wilkinson sword also has a good DE razor too, for a good price.
  7. Also look on bst for deals on occasion as it's not unheard of getting Fatboy & slim for $25.
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    I also recommend a Tech. It's vintage, high-quality, mild, and has no moving parts to go bad. I'll bet if you start with a Tech, you'll never regret it. I prefer an Astra SP (great affordable blade) in mine. The Tech is simple, elegant, and cheap!
  9. Welcome to B&B

    As mentioned Gillette Tech

    As NOT mentioned Schick Krona

    You should be able to find either of these around $10 used (neither is still made so new is NOT an option with either).

    Work on improving your technique before you start product jumping......

    Read about proper blade angle

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  11. I vote for the Feather Popular TTO, Lord Premium L6, or the Gillette SS.

  12. Once you try the Gillette Old Type open-comb razors, with your sensitive skin, you will probably never give it up! Cheap and if you need more weight at some point, you can get a Weber handle, but you will be surprised how great a shaver it is in its original state!
  13. If you want a vintage I suggest that you look for a Gillette Superspeed or a Fat Handle Tech. Considering a new the Muhle R89 is a good choice. Good luck and I whish you many nice shavings with your new razor, whichever model it'll be.
  14. I see that the way to go is the gillette tech. Jsj I love the picture of Bo that you have, looking forward to the coming season. Thanks for the advice time to go to work.
  15. Techs and Superspeeds are always mentioned to Newbies... Both very mild, cost effective and will give you good shaves. My vote on the other hand is for a Open comb, and would recommend a 1930's Gillette NEW. Can be found fairly inexpensive, and for me... Far more efficient which translates to less passes and less irritation. But I am biased..... I am Open Comb Evagelist and spread my love of Open Combs to everyone!

    For a new razor, the Merkur 41c ( also known as the 1904 OC) can be found for under $30 new, annd is very very mild... Matched with a great blade, it may become your daily razor.
  16. Got myself a Lord L6 and two Superspeeds - my first three razors. Only used the L6 and the forties Superspeed so far (got them this week) and I have to say that they are both the dogs! Love the Superspeed in the hand, feels nice and substantial and has a sexy bomb bay door mechanism!
    Good luck.

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