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  1. Newbie here (my ebay Gillette Super Speed razor hasn't even arrived yet) and I need some help selecting a cream. I'd like to find a shaving cream that has a scent similar to the American Crew hair forming creme/pomade/putty etc. I LOVE that smell, but I don't know how to describe it. I'm sure others here use this product, so I'm hoping someone with more experience can give me a few recommendations for my first shaving cream/soap purchase.

  2. Here is the description of their Classic Scent cologne...

    Top notes: Mandarin and Grapefruit
    Middle notes: Lavender and Rosemary
    Base notes: Sandalwood and Cleary Sage

    That should help some of the guys that are good with that kind of stuff and have tried more products. I have their body lotion, and I definitely pick up the sandalwood when it has soaked in for a little while. I'm pretty sure the scent described above is the one you're looking for.
  3. Thanks for the cologne breakdown jpipes3.

    Yeah I guess I would call it a wood (maybe earthy) smell mixed with something else. Maybe I can detect a lavender sort of smell mixed in? I've been reading through the descriptions of all the shave creams and wonder if T&H No.10 or otherwise a straight Sandalwood, Lavender or Almond is maybe close? Interested to see what anyone else suggests.
  4. T&H Sandalwood is fantastic stuff in my opinion. It's got some other stuff in in that sweetens it up a bit, and a decent amount of cedar. If you look at the T&H's descriptions of their fragrances, 1805 has a lot of the same scents as American Crew. I don't think either one is a dead ringer for American Crew, but it should fall somewhere in between those two. The T&H sampler would be a great place to start for you, and is one of the best deals going. You'll find something you love for sure. I really love Trafalgar and Sandalwood. 1805 and Grafton are pretty dang good too. It's available here - http://www.truefittandhill.com/items_37.html and then use code "BB12". It should be $8.50 shipped, or more if you want the one with cologne included.

    I do like lavender creams, but I don't think you're going to get the scent you're looking for from just straight lavender or almond.

    AOS Sandalwood is another one to check out for sure. It's not too far off from the scent I am left with from my American Crew lotion.
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    I used Crew pomade for years and I'd agree that 1805 or maybe Trafalgar are in the ballpark of what you're looking for. The sample pack mentioned is excellent though I don't think mine came with No 10. Only thing else I can think of is Harris Malborough.
  6. I don't know why I didn't think of getting a sampler pack for shaving cream - I'm getting a sampler for blades.:closedeye

    Thanks for the suggestion, gents! I'll get the T&H sampler and then probably also get some samples of other stuff from Gary's Sample Shop in the Marketplace.
  7. eth


    You might be interested in the GFT sample pack too, at some point. The skin food samples last a while if you use it right, so another good value considering how many products you get to try.

    And as someone mentioned, T&H No. 10 is not in the T&H sample pack. The No. 10 product range is separate from their regular luxury range, but I think Garry sells samples of No. 10 cream.
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    ameican crew makes a brushless cream, never tried it myself, and some brushless can be used with a brush with great results,... btw which hair stuff re you talking about because they make a few,... i use the fiber myself, i would call that burnt lemons, and possible wax lol but i do like the smell of that stuff never had a cream or soap to match it though
  9. I use american crew clay. Smells like......clay. Get yourself some VDH luxury soap 4$
    great soap for cheap so you can practice lathering.
  10. I think I know exactly what scent you're looking for, and IMHO, I'd recommend L'Occitane's Cade Shaving soap. It comes in a beautiful aluminum bowl. I'm not sure if this will help, but it reminds me of the scent that is used in the Ralph Lauren boutiques around the country, a wonderful sandalwood aroma that is clubby and masculine. I hope this helps!
  11. BTW, Derby makes fantastic blades.
  12. Not a big fan of em, personally.
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    It's been a while since I used it but my recollection is that the Crew shave cream does not smell anything like their hair products. It also doesn't perform nearly as well as the products mentioned above.
  14. Do they have a cologne that smells the same? I ask because it seems like spraying a few sprays into your lathering bowl, melted down soap etc. seems to do the trick in adding a scent, especially if it's hard to find.

    I melted down a 1/4 of a glycerin puck and sprayed some random cologne sampler bottle (completely random test, it was what I had on my desk) and it came out smelling just like that cologne, unfortunately I didn't find that cologne made a good shave cream, but it was a fun experiment nonetheless.
    I would definitely advise taking some either unscented or very lightly scented cream (or unscented soap works too) and try and add oils/fragrance to your soaps yourself, more control and a lot more fun. Just do it in small quantities!
  15. The Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream DOES NOT have the same aroma as their 'Classic' hair care line. Their moisturizing shave cream has a eucalyptus, with menthol, sage, and thyme oils mixed in. It is not the strong clove scent of their lubricating shave oil either. The moisturizing shave cream is brushless, and does not lather with a brush, although you can apply it with a brush, but it will not lather.

    Their classic fragrance cologne does have a similar aroma to their classic hair care line, but to me has more pronounced citrus and woodsy notes. I suppose you could spray a couple of spritzes into a fragrance-free soap or cream when whipping up your lather, and find out if it will match the scent of American Crew. Another thing to do is do add one or two drops of their daily shampoo, classic body wash, or their 3-In-One to your lather and see if that is what would work.
  16. I was in san fran 6 months ago and went for my first straight razor shave at a barber (i think it was called 1512 barber shop). guy was a second generation italian barber in his early 40's. nice guy. but the shave was just meh. he hand lathered my face which was a total disappointment. afterwards i didn't notice any special smell on my face, "barbershop" or otherwise. i asked him what he used and he showed me a jar of american crew cream and aftershave. total letdown.
    my point is, if you want the american crew "scent", go outside the company for shave products as others have suggested or you will be disappointed.
  17. Tonight, I whipped up some KMF Fragrance Free with dollop of American Crew Classic Body Wash. Worked pretty darn good, and definately had the classic Crew scent. Tomorrow I'll do the same to see how it shaves.

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