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  1. I'm thinking of getting a long handled DE razor to help with the pressure issue. After shaving with Mach 3 and Fusion, the Merkur Classic HD I have feels really short, which may be contributing to more pressure.

    So I was wondering if the long handle has the same weight or not.

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    First off there are three Merkurs you might think of using, I can't tell which you are mentioning since you say the Classic HD. The HD is a heavy duty short handled razor, a little thicker handle but short, I believe this is the one you are talking about.

    There is also the Classic and the Classic Long Handle, both have thinner handles than the HD and are lighter. I prefer the Classic (not Long Handle) as it gives me the most control.
  3. Hi Loren,

    I agree with Art, but only want to say that it might be better you take one in your hand to find out, what's better for you, long or short, thin or thick handle.

    For me both Merkur, 23c (Classic Long Handle) and 34c (HD with short handle)
    work great and I get from both of them a really comfortable shave.

    I think it's also important to shave with minimal pressure, let the weight of the razor do the work...

    Hope that helps

  4. The LH is heavier than the classic but not quite as heavy as the HD. I you want a long handled, (very) heavy razor, you could consider the Futur. Three really excellent razors.
  5. I would suggest a Merkur 23. I use it (and have posted a review elsewhere), and are quite happy with it.
  6. I looked at ClassicShaving and Em's Place, but was unable to tell which is the Merkur 23 or 34. Could you help me out? And I'm not sure I want to spend that much money for the Futur right now. It does look nice and seems to have the handle I'm looking for however.

  7. Blair, thanks for the info on the 23. I did read Kyle's piece and it was very helpful. But holding the razor as he showed was ackward and unsteady for me. Maybe it's practice.

  8. I was in a brick and mortar when I held the HD for the first time and I was convinced, no way am I shaving with this thing. The salesman gave me the Merkur Classic long handle and I was sold right there. It has a lovely balance that the HD just does not have for me. It really is a nicely made razor.

    YMMV of course.
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    I have a classic (not HD) and slant.

    I like the classic very much, but often think about getting the long-handled version as I find the one I have a touch on the short side.

    The classic isn't as heavy as the HD, but is certainly heavy enough so that you don't have to apply too much pressure to get the job done.

    The thin-handled adjustable is also a good suggestion - there is a "lady's" Gillette TTO non-adjustable that has a longer handle as well.
  10. Thanks to everyone for their comments. It was appreciated. I ordered a Merkur 23 long handle and used it today. It was a very good shave. The razor was easy to handle and was able to have very little to no pressure at all.I still had a little irritation but nothing like the HD.

    So I have something now to practice my technique with, and am expecting a Futur from TraderJoe anytime now. I just received the shaving creme samples from Scotto, so it is now time to experiment. :biggrin1:

  11. Musicman,

    Are you saying that that the Merkur 23 in your opinion is better than HD? (as far as the level of irratation goes)? I have the same razor.

  12. Duggo,

    I used a Mach 3 and Fusion which have longer handles than the HD. When I started using the HD, I found that using the 2 or 3 finger hold at the end of the handle was difficult and as a result I was applying pressure even though I thought I wasn't. Result: razor burn. As I progressed I got better at realizing I was using pressure, but because of the shorter handle I was still having problems.

    So, for me, the Merkur long handled razor has allowed me to use the 2 or 3 finger hold with greater control. I still have got some irritation today, but far less then I had before. And like I said in my post, I will be able to practice to get that no pressure or very, very little.

    What it will do for you, I can't say. But for me it will help my technique greatly.

    Hope I answered you. If not, just let me know. :thumbup1:

  13. Loren:
    Glad I could help, and glad you got the long handle and like it. The Merkur (23) is my "go to" razor still, though I picked up a vintage Gillette long handle I like too. Even though I don't have really big hands, it does seem to help with the pressure issue, as you say.
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    The long handled Merkur is a very nice, gentle razor. I find it performs better with a sharp blade, such as a Swede or a Feather.

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