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  1. Shocked that I couldn't find a thread dedicated to these offerings.

    After trying the free sample offered at the store; I went to the store to grab Cade and L'Occitan travel sized Balms (they package them together at the store I went to) to see which scent I preferred. The sales person was gracious and filed two small containers with Bavx so that I could have a shot at all three varieties of balm. I can honestly say that after trying several balms that these suit my skin the best by a long shot. While the other balms have felt heavy, caused breakouts, or left an oily residue, the L'Occitane balms seem to get immediately absorbed by my skin with nothing but a pleasant scent remaining.

    My neck has always given me trouble shaving, but after a week of daily use I am amazed by the improvement in my skin in my trouble areas - and that improvement has led to progressively better shaves. Which has left me with literally no irritation / redness / any signs of any ingrowns. I know this stuff is on the pricy side, but I think between the free samples and the $12 travel sizes L'Occitane makes their products accessible to see if it works for you as well as it has worked for me.

    Link to Travel Sizes:
  2. awesome, thanks for the heads up. do any of the B & B supporting vendors carry this product?
  3. This is the reason I stopped using balms, including Nivea and CF balms. Which L'Occitane balm is your favorite in performance and scent? Can you use them with an aftershave splash or are they used in lieu of splash?
  4. I use the l'occitane cade balm in the winter and love it. Typically in the summer I just use an aftershave splash (Proraso or Floid).
  5. I tried the L'occitane and the PdP. Found the PdP scent more to my liking with similar performance. For someone with dry skin, both were rather good. But at half the price, PdP was my choice. Now use it very regularly.
  6. Not sure if it is available 3rd party.

    I like all 3.

    They seem to all have the same great performance. I have been using Bavx (cause the little containers aren't air tight and I want to use it before it dries out) and have been very happy with it. Interestingly I am not a fan of L'Occitan in the tube at all, but I really like it on my skin. Cade / L'Occitan is a nice light daytime scent. Bavx is a little more masculine and I really like wearing if I am going out at night or if it were colder out.

    I have been using Thayers Witch Hazel and following up with the Balm. I know other people spash / balm - but I don't feel the need too with these products.
  7. My friends

    I do not use their balms, or shaving products. My preference is old school British.

    I L'Occitan cologne is one of my top 10.
    They have a nice, spicey, pepper opening, with a nice lavendar.Again, a fire, pepper,spice opening, you feel like you are in a fire, then lavendar!
    Interesting and very nice colognes.
    They are like Lorenzo Villoressi in his colognes.
    I recommend the colognes from L Occitan, very nice.

    Nice day
  8. Both (there are 3 now?) balms, plain L'Occitane and Cade, have been highly ranked and always replenished in my rotation for the past 2 years. Really excellent stuff.

    I have only picked up mine at brick & mortars and I don't recall seeing them at our usual online vendors.

    You should give Cade (hard) soap a try too. This is also another highly ranked and always replenished item in my rotation.
  9. I want to give Cade soap a shot based on my satisfaction with the balms.
  10. Cade is my favorite balm over CF, AOS or T&H
  11. I got the cade as a present from SWMBO during a Paris trip. I got to say I love it. The thickness and that it is beeing fully absorbed quickly is highly appritiated. I am hooked.
  12. Glad to see other guys that share the same experience that I have.

    It is certainly worth stopping in the store if you have one near and asking for a free sample.

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