limonene & linalool allergy?

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  1. So, the past few weeks I have tried alot of different shaving products and am currently hooked on the TOBS Jermyn St. cream.

    Weird thing is, when using a soap with limonene and linalool it seems I get a white heads break-out on my face the next day. Is it possible I'm allergic to these ingredients? Or could it be something else? (already using paraben and alcohol-free products.)

    Any suggestion would be welcome!
  2. malocchio

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    it is possible the citrus ,or citic acid , is irritating your skin...try witch hazel after your a/s and see if that neutralizes the acid
  3. Since you have 'documented' this breakout, I'd suggest changing the product for a few days. An allergy is certainly a possibility ... and the best place to show an allergy is probably a newly shaved area, since the top layer or more of skin is removed in the process.

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