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  1. Many of you probably know that I love my Castle Forbes Lime shaving cream. But I was wondering, in your opinion, what other lime creams might I also want to try. Of course, both performance and scent are equally important.
  2. Try Truefitt & Hill Limes, its very different. It seems to be a love it or hate it. At first I hated it, now I love it. Its more of lime zest perhaps; lime but also citrusy. As with all T&H creams, performance is top notch.
  3. SuperChris

    SuperChris Contributor

    Godrej Lime
    KMF Key Lime
    TOBS lemon/lime
  4. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    lider lime
  5. Vulfix Sicillian Limes
    Cyril R Salter Essential Lime
  6. Nanny's Silly Soap Lime for sure. It is midway between a soap and a cream, but if you like CF you will probably like it too. Performance is up there with CF as well.
  7. Cyril R Salter Essential Lime , not to sweet or candy like .great lather
  8. i really like vulfix lime
  9. eShave Lime
  10. Sorry Mendel,

    I also love lime creams and over the years have tried at least 2 dozen other kinds. IMO,nothing even comes close to CF Lime. If thats your standard and favorite,the other ones will likely disappoint you ,like they did me.

  11. I'll second this if it mean the eShave Verbena-Lime. One of my favorite scents of all my creams and soaps, and a fine performer to boot.
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    Craig, I'm afraid, is quite close to being right. CF towers head & shoulders above the lime fray. QCS has the same essence, although the scent is just a touch drier and not quite as strong. Someone mentioned T&H, which is a nice cream, and probably third on my list (way down from 1 & 2). The scent is not a true lime scent, and smells somewhat artificial, but it is very pleasant nonetheless for what it's worth.
  13. eShave verbena lime. I shaved with it today and had to double check that I had a blade in my razor. BBS

  14. I liked the T&H cream sample (but not the ASB) and the QCS sample.
  15. QCS carries Key Lime cream. Been hearing great things about it too.
  16. AOS Lemon - very nice
    Penhaligon Blenheims Bouquet
  17. cwm


    Years ago I realized that there had to be more to shaving than what came out of pressurized cans, and I ventured into some of the creams like Kiss My Face. It worked well, but I eventually moved on.

    A few months ago -- and shortly after "converting" to wetshaving -- I was headed out on travel and wanted something smaller than the various tubs of TOBS and AOS that I already owned. I grabbed a small tube of Kiss My Face Lime and headed off to the airport. Lathering the KMF with a brush turns a very good cream into a really wonderful performer. Although I needed to use a little more cream to get three great passes, I can strongly recommend the KMF. It does not develop piles of "pillowy" lather, but the lather is nice and slick, it has pleasant subtle scent, and I used it without irritation and razor burn or bumps for the better part of 2 weeks.
  18. I like the T&H WIL, but some people hate it. I like Trumper's Lime cream quite a bit.

    However, the best lime shaving product I have ever tried is not a cream, but a soap. Mystic Water's lime shave soap is the best lime scent I've ever found. I find it considerably better than Castle Forbes. Unless you have something against shave soaps per se, you should pick up a puck of this stuff and step right into lime shaving nirvana.
  19. I actually prefer the Vulfix over my CF. I think it's the scent of the Vulfix actually smelling like limes that does it for me. The price is amazing too.

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