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  1. Is MWF the most-liked soap?
  2. Not necessarily, but it ranks up there as one of the more well regarded soaps out there.
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    It's very good, but there are better. You may find that what you consider "the best" is a moving target.
  4. It is one of the mainstay soaps and probably most widely available puck (including also under the Kent label) in the UK after Boots own brand. You can get it from many independent drugstores and gentlemens shops. Culmak has about the same availability but MWF / Kent is far superior.

    Good and dependable performance and the price is reasonable (here about £5.50 typically)
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  5. It depends on who you ask. It's a good soap, and not terribly expensive.
  6. MWF has many followers, including me. I will never be without it. I've become very particular with my soap choices based on quality of lather and results. For this I have whittled my soaps down to MWF, Mike's Natural and occasionally Arko. I have sold/traded/given away the rest. I do have Mystic Water and Razorock on the way, though.
  7. For me Arko is the ultimate soap for it's low price and amazing performance.

  8. +1
  9. I think Tabac has just as passionate a group of devotees. The most popular soaps may not be what you really like. In addition of the MWF, Tabac, and QCS soaps, I have some artisan soaps that are very good performers.
  10. I am a fan of Mitchell's. I also use a few others.
  11. It is my most-liked soap. But not my only.
  12. A similar question may be.."Is Chevrolet America's Most Liked Automobile or Truck".
  13. Another similar question might be "Would u rather have a bicycle or skateboard"?
  14. MWF is my favorite SS. I use this soap as the base of my comparisons when trying something new. MNS is next favorite.
  15. Potomac? Nice area!
  16. One of my favourites (my skin says) but I like soapligamy.
  17. Burnside, you seem fairly new so I will state what others know at the risk of annoying the initiated-- Your water quality (hardness and mineral content) has a huge impact on the performance of a soap and therefore your satisfaction with any particular soap can change with your water source-- for example I normally love Cella and avoid Col. Conk (my opinion on Col Conk must be shared by some others because I could not even give it away on a PIF Thread!) so I figured I was stuck with not one but two (don't ask why I had two) travel tubs of the scentless Col. Conk (I even briefly considered chucking the puck out and just using the travel container!)-- low and behold when I left a tub up at our farmhouse in upstate NY where the well water is incredibly hard (and even sulfurous at times) and I did not bring any other soap with me so I was forced to use it, old Col Conk came thru like a champ!! It is my least favorite soap in Philly and my preferred soap at the farm on the Fingerlakes.

    Another comment: I have not tried Arko but have been meaning to and this thread inspired me to order some (a doz sticks actually- so I'll be giving it away to the local Turkish restaurant owners)-- I have also been reading about MWF on and off since I joined B&B and I will certainly try that as well- spent a year in England- have a Boots drugstore brush to prove it (so well used the center of the knot is worn out) and if the Brits are praising MWF, I gotta try some. It is a little pricey on Amazon but as most soaps it will probably last years unless I use it exclusively- and I won't.

    Gogo: I am going to research Mike's- Amazon does not carry it - or so it seems- If you see this post and can recommend a good source- please post or PM me if you want- thanks to all- especially Burnside for this thread. I think I am going to go Arko crazy for about a month before I order Mike's or MFW.:online2long:
  18. Thanx man!
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    Same for me.

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