Lignum Vitae Pipes?

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  1. I began to wonder what woods can be used to make pipes (thinking about making my own). I thought maybe briar is commonly used because its the most popular dense wood for pipe making. After a quick google search I found there are many heavy/dense woods that exist in this world. Aside from wondering why briar is the most common, I wish to know what other woods people have.
    I noticed Lignum Vitae specifically is arguably the densest wood on the planet (again, based on my quick google search). Why is it that this wood is not more popular if not as popular as briar? Its actually quite a pretty wood, polishes beautifully, and ages nicely.
    Does anyone have a pipe made of Lignum Vitae?
    Anyone have any comments on this wood?
    I'm just curious to know what others think...
  2. The grain doesn't look as tight as briar. It should be possible though, I mean they make pipes out of cherry wood and pear tree wood.

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    I also think it needs to have low natural oils, and absorb moisture. Lignum might be too fragrant and dense. Try one and let us know!
  4. Yes, do. I am going to be having a very large ash tree removed soon. Ash is a very dense wood. I may keep a piece or two and try it. What the heck, right?
  5. You're right...what the heck. I found a little 3 incher for $12. Pretty cheap experiment. I'm gonna check it out and report. On the subject of natural oils, it is reported to be high in them and thats what makes them so nice when polished. I just sent the pipe maker a few questions. We'll see...
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    Toxicity might be something you'd want to look into.
  7. What's Toxicity?
  8. Never mind...I just got what you meant. At first I thought you were talking about a website or brand or something. Then I realized you meant to check if it's safe. When I emailed the pipe maker, that was one of the questions--is this pipe appropriate and safe for smoking pipe tobacco.
    Either way, the discovery of this wood has intrigued me. It would be nice to own something made from the "tree of life."
  9. Update:
    The pipe maker hasn't replied to my inquiries so I don't know how safe it is to smoke, nor if the pipe is still available for purchase.
    My search continues...
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    Make one and take one for team :smile:!

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