Lets see your starting line-up

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  1. Heres mine[​IMG][/IMG]
    Left to Right: A.B.T. Custom awaiting knot, 620, Vie Long Pony, Favour custom,Duke 2, Favour Custom
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    Nice looking gang. What sort of knot are you planning on putting into your wooden handle?
  3. Have not decided yet but i really enjoy the TGN Finest Bulb Shape
  4. $2012-07-11 15.07.27.jpg
    From Left to Right Bottom Row: Dubl Duck Re-knot TGN Finest Fan, Chubby 2 (best), Duke 2 (best), M&F Chubby, M&F 1/1, Classic 2 (best), Klenzo Re-knot D01 2-band (Rudy Vey), Body Shop, SOC Boar. Top Row: Wee Scot
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  5. Nice brushes Erik, whats that butterscotch?
  6. Nice bullpen Taco8, u got a starter, reliever and a closer?
  7. Thank you, here is a better look, it is a Klenzo handle that Rudy re-knotted with a Shavemac D01 2-band knot, very scrubby brush

  8. Thanks, that was well said, always love the sports analogies, trying for variety (within what I like)
  9. These 7 usually get the most playing time each day of the week. Those Heritage knots may think they're all high and mighty sitting up on that Chubby 2 but that Chubster is a MONSTER and its uber dense Super 3 Band knot holds it own and then some!

  10. Bravado13:

    Nice brushes and fun picture.
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  11. Hey Bravado, "IF" u had to pick just one.....for life. (u choose the scenerio, stranded island, shavepocolyose etc etc) ;)
  12. Good Question Im interested in his answer too!!
  13. I need a butterscotch!!
  14. Questions like this give me so much anxiety.. I might need to sleep on this one but I know its between the CH2 Super and Thater 2 Band. In general I find, I reach for either the Thaters or Simpsons 3 band Supers the most. I know what that doesn't narrow it down to one brush but I'd say I've made some tremendous strides when you consider I've tried at least one of every top brush manufacture in the market and can finally narrow it down to 2. If I have a nightmare about the shavepocolypse, I'll let you which one ultimately survived.
  15. $MeinePinsel2.jpg

    From left to right: Hans Baier Exclusiv 30mm Silvertip, Hans Baier Bone Handle 26 mm Silvertip, Hans Baier 22 mm (cheap brush, but a fantastic workhorse), B & B 2012 LE, Rodney Neep 1248 Fire Burl custom Extra Silvertip.
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  16. Right now these are in rotation.
  17. Love those bicolor (is that the right word?) handles!
  18. Foyle like semogue much? Lol
  19. What site u buy those Hans baier brushes from?
  20. Oh yeah! I love the handles and the knots are great!

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