Let's see your lather!

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  1. Post pics of you lather either on you face or in the bowl or mug. Will submit mine tonight.
  2. Here is my Mitchell's Wool Fat Lather from today:

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  3. Some MW Mysore Sandalwood using my Rod Neep 26mm Extra Silvertip.

  4. Here's mine. Cheap stuff. Nothing special yet.
  5. Here's a little RazoRock XXX. Didn't get a pic of the mug, but the Barber's mug was 3/4 full. This pic was what was left after a 4 pass shave.
  6. You guys make mine look really bad! Nice.:straight:
  7. Tried RazoRock XXX for the first time today, actually first time for any RazoRock soap/cream. Yes, it lathered up just like this, wonderful stuff and smells nice also.

  8. I know this is a lather thread, but I just wanted to tell you I like your Surrey Brigantine mug. I've got a Surrey Cadillac mug. They are quite nice.
  9. xillion

    xillion Contributor

    Here are some of my lather images.

    Klar Klassik.

    Vitos Red Extra Super with coconut oil.

    TOBS Jermyn Street soap.

    TFS (Tcheon Fung Sing) Bergamotto Neroli.
  10. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    A quicky shot of my GR $IMG_0982.jpg
  11. nav


    OMG Awesome lather and photography, Chris!
    I guess this is what they call "lather porn" LOL
  12. Awesome thread. Chris, your stuff is legend....forced me to buy TOBS Jermyn which I thank you for each time I use it.

    I have never actually taken a pic of my lather but I will have to try
  13. Your welcome! Lol.
  14. Thank you. If you'll check out the Scuttles & Mugs thread, you'll see the rest of them. I have all of the Surreys except for the Sears one.
  15. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Thanks :thumbup1:
  16. That lather...I'm clearly doing something wrong~
  17. Omega #48 with "Men's Estoril Sports Line" shaving cream


    Vulfix Grosvenor bristle & badger with Monsavon


    Vulfix Grosvenor bristle & badger with vintage Musgo Real Stick



    Semogue 730 silvertip with GFT Coconut oil


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