Let's see your auto pistols.

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  1. There is a wheel gun thread so I figured there needed to be a auto thread too.

    Here's mine. All 9mm. sorry for the bad pics. I'll take better ones when I get home.

    Springfield XD subcompact. Truglo TFO night sights. My EDC.

    S&W M&P full size. Streamlight tlr3. Night stand gun.

    My newest H&K USP full size. Truglo night sights.
  2. We may as well spin out a auto pistol thread over the next few months and enjoy some participation. It's always nice to see what turns up in folks' photos.

    You've got some of the respected "new-crop" semi-automatic pistols featured, Matt. I think I'd enjoy that H&K USP best as I generally like heavier, full-sized handguns for most all purposes. The more stunted, lightweight compact models don't have the appeal to me.

    I'm a revolver fan first and foremost but do have some favorite automatic pistol designs, most of which are traditional older designs.

    Here's the automatic pistol I've had the longest. Was self-purchased as a birthday present to me in 1978 when I turned 21. Was the 1911 I learned on: how to detail strip, how the design works, and how to handload for the .45 ACP including both mild and wild experimental concoctions. It was carried off and on for years beneath a suit coat in a Bianchi X-15 shoulder holster and was carried on hunts and hikes in a 1917 dated U.S. military leather flap holster. Later became my wife's favorite 1911 to shoot and rely on around the house for defense duty. Was a worn old thing when I got it but was immediately put to work cycling through a number of canvas bank coin bags holding 1200-1300 rounds per batch. It continued to see regular usage until recent times though other 1911 type guns came into the firearms menagerie and still is taken out for exercise on occasion. It's always been flawlessly dependable with any load put through it except for a time in 2007 when its front sight went AWOL on a range trip when my youngest son was shooting it. I think Colt should have adjusted it as it was only 89 years old at that time. It's a World War I vintage Colt 1911 that was processed through Augusta Arsenal in World War II and was likely later sold off through the NRA in the 1950s or early 1960s. Wish it could talk as it's bound to have some tales to tell.
  3. That's a heck of a story. I'm somewhat saddened that my generation was/is not able to have access to these types of guns at the prices they were available back then. Currently we get Russian Nagants and the Russian 1911 pistol wannabes.
  4. Nice 1911.
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  5. These are some sweet guns and nice story. I have almost sold my XD a few times for a Ruger LCR. I can just never go through with it. It is the first pistol that I have bought new. Here's a updated pic.
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  7. OOOooo... that's nice, legion, and so tacti-cool too.
  8. I lol'd HARD!
  9. cz sp01 phantom

    glock 19
  10. Thats some serious bling David.
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    As you can see I am a big Glock fan. The ensemble consists of a 17, 19, 21 and 23. The revolver is a SW Airweight.

  12. I think many of you might have seen a photo of my 1921 mismatched Luger but here are my final semi-automatic firearms (the darker coloured one is an imitation Luger, model KGP-69, made by Erma Werke and it fires .22 LR rounds, the larger one with the worn finish is a 1918 DWM Luger with an Erfurt toggle in 9mm Luger).


    That WWI era 1911 is amazing, by the way!
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  13. Love seeing Lugers anytime so am grateful to see one show up. I'd collect them by variant if I ever stump my toe on a gold brick.

    Since the Luger has been featured in this thread we'll stick this one up. It's a VoPo mongrel 9mm built on a WWI DWM pistol that was re-dated 1920 upon it's first rework, then rebuilt again sometime in the late 1930s or 1940s. The toggle is of Mauser production. It likely spent time in East Germany and who knows where else. I purchased it in 1986 out of a "Shotgun News" ad from a distributor who had imported a number of similar Lugers and was offering them for $229 each.

    A fun gun to shoot and very accurate despite the mushy trigger that feels like wet spaghetti, a common trait of Lugers apparently. Reasonably reliable in function if the ammunition is fairly warm or else handloaded to be that way.

    Oh yes. It must be mentioned that it very well could have been Baron Manfred von Richthofen's personal Luger. I mean, it is labeled as such in this photo. You just never know.

    An 11-inch 10-shot group fired from a rest at 100 yards with the Luger a few years ago for an informal internet firearms forum "postal" match given on a private firearms forum I frequent. It won the prize offered which was a 7.62 Nagant revolver. This win was mostly because few entered the match so just goes to show what may be accomplished by making an effort.
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  14. $iphone 085.jpg

    First and only gun I personally have bought. Supposed to have some passed on, but hasn't reached that time yet.

    H&K HK45 with LEM trigger mod. Probably going to get a Surefire x300 put on this summer, OR another new gun :lol:
  15. Handguns are a big NO NO down here in New Zealand, I did shoot one when I lived in South Africa and can honestly say I loved every single shot, nothing like being able to shoot well with a 1911. I loved the noise, the recoil hell I even liked cleaning it.
  16. Springfield Loaded Champion - probably the only gun I will never sell or trade for something else.

  17. I don't think there is enough bandwidth for me to post most of them, but I'll toss up a favorite or three when I get home this weekend.
  18. Post all you got. Don't worry about the bandwidth. :biggrin1:

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